The Road (Coming Soon)

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Hidden deep within the mountains of Tennessee lays the strongest Witch Coven in all of North America. Known for their extreme powers that have aided them and their allies in every major supernatural battle within the last 500 years, making the Moonlight Coven the most feared and respected Coven within the Supernatural world. Having ruled for centuries and concidered the voice of the people, they have always been a force to be reckoned with until the night they are attacked by two of the biggest and most ruthless Werewolf Packs in the world..

The Locus Pack of Alaska and the Blood Moon pack of Russia have joined forces with one goal in mind.. Eliminate the hypocritical coven that has gained to much power within their world, creating a council and using their powers to intimidate all other supernatural creatures into following their standards and rules. If failing to do so the punishment was imprisonment or death.

King Peter Deveraux rules with an iron fist, knows no mercy, and expects nothing but complete obideance from his subjects. The Deveraux line was once loved by all, after bringing hope and order to North America after the chaos of the Dark War. But 6 generations later King Peter (known as the Mad King) has taken things to far; abusing his power and sending fear into the hearts of many. Those who a pose or defiy him are tortored, mutilated and turned into slaves for his convinence.


Princesses Priscilla, Pheobe, and their dearest friend Lorraine were all orphaned when their coven was attacked by Wolves. Taken prisoner by the enemy, will their love for eachother keep them strong as they face the dangers of the unknown road ahead?

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