Finnick~Best Friend

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I smile and yet another one of Finnick's jokes. He's always had the power to make me laugh when I'm in the worst of moods. Ever since I met him in grade school we've been close. When he went off the to games it almost shattered me. Once he won, it was almost worse. I was afraid that he had changed. I was afraid the games had changed him. They hadn't. At least not in an obvious way. He is still my best friend who is full of light aside from a few dark days here and there. 

"So what do you want to do today?" Finnick asks. 

I think for a second. 

"Hmm, what about the beach?" 

"(Y/n), we always go to the beach." Finnick complains. 

"Ahh but I love the beach." 

Finnick doesn't argue but stops to think for a second. 

"Okay so we go to the beach. What's in it for me?" Finnick questions. 

"You get to see me in a bikini." I grin.

Finnick smirks. We've always had this sort of relationship. Teasing and flirting but never actually acting upon anything. Just friends. Even if I may want more. 

"You're right! Go get changed." Finnick laughs and gets up off my bed and pushes me in the direction of my closet. 

I shut my closet door behind me. 

"Wear the red one. The red ones hot." Finnick says through the door. 

"Perv" I yell back. 

When I come out, Finnick seems shocked that I actually end up wearing the red bikini. 

'Now thats not fair." Finnick bites his lip. 

I take a step closer.

"Now correct me if I'm wrong, but I believe this is the one you requested." 

"I know but once it's on, all I want to do is take it off." 

Finnick takes a step closer. By now we're standing chest to chest. I can feel his breath coming down on my face. 

"Then what's stopping you." 

Finnick stares into my eyes. We've never taken the teasing quite this far. Does he want this as badly as I do? I don't wait to find out. I pull Finnick's head down and push my lips on his. Instantly, he kisses back. He wraps his arms around my bare waist. I'm suddenly aware of the fact I'm in only a bikini. I regretfully pull away from his lips. 

"Mm-what're you doing?" Finnick asks, questioning why I was stopping. 

We both are breathing heavy. 

"Wait-" I exhale, "What is this?" 

"I don't know. You started it." Finnick laughs. 

"I know but-" I pause, "I like you Finnick. Like in a more than best friend kinda of way." 

Finnick grins from ear to ear. 

"(Y/n) I have always liked you. I've always wanted to move forward from friendship with you but I was worried. Worried that I might ruin our friendship. You are what got me through the games. I wanted to come home for you. I love you."

"I love you too Finn" 

This time it is Finnick who initiates the kiss. I smile into the kiss and when Finnick pushes me back onto my bed and I don't stop him. He lays on me, barely putting his weight on me. He kisses down my jaw working on my neck. Surely, I'll have a hickey later but it doesn't matter. None of it matters right now. Finnick's hands continue to roam my body. 

"You know, I have an awful lot of skin available right now and you are still covered. How is that fair?" I tease. 

Finnick grins, I put my hand on the bottom of his shirt and slowly pull it off, I throw it somewhere far from the bed. We switch positions so now I'm on him. I unbutton his pants and slowly pull them down his legs, while maintaining  eye contact. Finnick groans, he's no longer trapped in his pants and he managed to spring free. He pulls me back up and forces his lips on mine. Things progress. My bikini top lies somewhere on the floor. 

"Are you sure?" Finnick puts us on pause to ask. 

"Positive." I smile. It feels right. I don't wanna do this with anyone else. 

"Really? Because we just started dating, I mean if were dating we never really talked about what we are and I don't want to push-" Finnick rambles. 

"I'm sure Finnick. It's us. This is right." I run a hand through his hair softly. 

He smiles before I press my lips on his. This time we are slower. Our kisses are more loving and are no longer as aggressive. Now we move slow and in sync. His kisses are soft and filled with love. I assume mine are the same. 

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