Chapter Nine

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(Yay! Dark has more excuses. So Dark is writing chapter ten because she wanted to get dares done... but now she feels depressed so shes going to do more fucking fluff bc YOLO)

James had recovered from the wound the bald man had given him. You were both laying in bed, right next to each other, his arms wrapped around your body. You groan softly, not wanting to get up, but your body forcing you.

You gently remove his hands from around you and walk into the kitchen as quietly as you can. You pull an apple out of a chest and munch on it as you sit down on the loveseat. Next to the familiar fire, you finished the red fruit and tossed the core into the flames.
You weren't sure if that helped or not, but you liked to pretend it did.

Leaning back against the back of the small couch, you watch the dancing blaze, attempting to find shapes.
You saw a circle or two before noticing the more complex shapes.
A cylinder, trapazoid, even one that looked like the state of California. That one drew you to start imagining that the shakes were telling a story.

It started like this:
Once, there was a triangle. It was very lonely, never seen with another shape until one day when it fell off of somewhere high.

It ended quickly, and unhappily, so you looked for another.

A tall geometric shape and a smaller one of similar likeness stood together. They were surrounded by threatening looking flames that would slap and bite at them. The smaller one was targeted more often, but the larger would always chase away the fiery monsters. It went on like this for a while before another shape appeared outside the circle and all the flames stopped attacking. The larger geometric shape appeared to hid behind the smaller, and the smaller grew larger by a slight amount. The other shape stepped inside the circle and the other two shrunk away from it. The flames in the circle rose higher, hiding what was happening inside the sphere.
When it finally died down again, there is only two figures in the circle; the small one and the larger one.

You feel yourself sigh in relief at this ending. They survived the fight, together. Smiling, you drift off to sleep.

- Tiny little timeskip here -

You cuddle closer to his body. Even in your sleep, your personal fantasy land, you could still tell it was James who was holding you.
You find your head resting on his neck, warming up your cold ears.
His breathing was erratic or loud, it was soft and timed, calming your heartbeat. Most importantly, he sounded normal.
The last while, he was weak and in pain. He could barely move. Whatever weapon the bald man had, it did serious damage to James's immune system. He couldn't even get out of bed to use the restroom, that part was the worst.

James's hand runs through your hair, making you purr.

(Don't judge, I picked it up from all the role-plays)

You hear his comforting chuckle and you snuggle closer. You press against his warm body, feeling more drowsy by the second. Dream land awaits you....

The dream:

A dark mist surrounded the three people you could see. A man, a tall lady, and a small child. Both the woman and the child followed the man hastily down long stairs that wound around and around in a dizzying spiral. At the bottom was a platform with a small closet in the corner, and more stairs. The child and the man speed-walked to the tiny closet, followed closely by the woman.

Real life:

James could feel your skin growing colder and you starting to shiver again. He put his arm around  you, pulling you closer to himself in attempt to share more heat. Moving away momentarily, he takes off his cloak and drapes it over you. 

The dream: 

Inside there is a green glowing circle, the same color you would connect with healing, or in this case, safety. The child and the man stepped inside, but when the lady walked in, the color faded heavily. 

Real life:

Your face pales, and you started to shiver once more, the cloak shaking. James rubs your arm gently.

The dream:

The woman stepped out without saying why, because none of you could speak. You were busy repeating a chant that kept whatever it was the plates were supposed to protect you from. In your mind she was saying she wouldn't be safe in the circle, and that she was going to another. Because it was a dream, you had the knowledge that told you there were three safety plates total. She started to yell the chant and ran desperately up the stairs, the man and child begging her to come back.
A black mist followed her, keeping it's distance for the moment but it was obvious thst it was holding back.
It's scared you, the mist did, it's smokey self hungering for blood.

Real life:

Violent shudders rocked your body, scaring James. He shook you, gently at first before more hazardously. You were freezing cold, so much that you seemed to be dying.
(Am I allowed to be disturbed by my own writing?)

The dream:

She shortened the chant to something incomprehensible, and the smoke took off at alarming speed, wrapping around her like piranhas swarming their prey.
One moment she was there... The next she was gone. You knew she was dead, but you couldn't see her corpse. She had just... Ceased to exist.
Then it ended.

Real life:

"(Y/N)! Wake up! It's just a dream, not real!" James's voice sounds in your ear, and you looked at him. You feel salty tears in your eyes, brimming and spilling over. He gently wipes them away and you jump into his arms, burying your face in his chest.
"It was so real..."

(AYYYYYYYYYYE! WE DONE, FINALLY! Sorry that took forever y'all. Dark apologies for everyone <3)

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