Chapter Fifteen

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Disclaimer: None of this is mine, nor will it ever be (sigh). I like to play with the characters that Stephenie Meyers created and make them do pervy things or become angels with a bad attitude.

Up next will be moving Bella in, Edward's discussion with Rosalie and return to school.

Chapter Fifteen


Bella was asleep in my bedroom. Felix was lying next to her, snoring loudly. I was in the kitchen, talking to Alice and Jasper. "We'll take care of packing up belongings. But, do you think it's wise to talk to her landlord?" Jasper asked.

"That woman tried to refuse medical treatment when Riley came in, breaking her arm," I said. "She may not be an instrument for the devil, but she's evil, nonetheless."

"I agree. She is ..." Alice trailed off.

"She's a bitch," I finished for her. I typed up a letter, describing a family emergency that was forcing her to move out. I was vague, but it made her aware of Bella moving out. "Stay with her. I'm going to drop this off and talk to that bitch."

"I'll pick up some boxes, but Bella doesn't have much," Alice whispered. "Her furniture is from Goodwill and will be left in the apartment. We'll go once you get back."

I nodded, getting up and walking to my car. I wanted to fly, but it would look weird to just randomly appear and fly away. I drove to Port Angeles and parked across the street from the café. I could hear Rosalie. She was mentally complaining about working the day after Christmas. I strode into the café, walking over to the blonde bombshell. "I thought I banned you from my shop," she snarled.

"Be that as it may," I said, taking out the letter I wrote and handed it to her. "I'm informing you that Bella will no longer be living in that apartment above this café. She doesn't feel safe her due to what happened with Riley and with your callous behavior, refusing her medical care."

"She still had time on her shift," Rose scoffed. "And I can't accept this. She needs to see me in person."

"Well, that's not going to happen," I said. I explained my legal stance and my plan if Rose went through with her bullshit of suing Bella for inappropriate notice in breaking a lease. After an hour speaking with her, I had a check for the last two months of Bella's rent, along with payment for Bella's medical bills for her broken wrist. It was almost five thousand dollars and I would put it into an account for her, making it grow rapidly. I explained to Rose that I'd have movers come tomorrow to pack up Bella's belongings and that if anything was touched, she'd have to pay to replace that as well. Rose gave me a harsh look, but agreed. I took the check, leaving the café and drove back to my house in the middle of the woods near Forks.

Once I got into the house, Alice and Jasper left and drove away. I made some lunch, carrying it into the bedroom. Bella was still asleep. She was curled up under the white comforter. Felix was next to her, his tail thumping when he smelled the meal. "Not for you, bub. Cheese gives you gas," I teased.

"I did not need to know that," Bella giggled, looking over her shoulder. She was adorably sleep-rumpled and sexy. "Who gets gas? You or Felix?"

"Felix," I chuckled. She sat up, tossing her messy curls into a lopsided ponytail. "You were sleeping the day away, pretty Bella."

"I actually feel safe enough to sleep," she said, giving me a tender smile. "And this bed is amazing."

"It is pretty awesome," I said, putting the tray over her legs. She beamed, digging into her lunch. As she did, I saw the teddy bear I'd given her pressed against her hip. "I went to talk to Rose. She was not happy to see me."

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