Blue Eyes Hypnotize

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Chapter 1

Slicking back her damp long hair, Ibha Gurang poured the last bucket of warm water over her feet and turned off the tap. Her sun kissed body looked refreshing and steamy as she reached for her towel. Not caring to wipe herself dry, she merely wrapped it around her body, revealing her mid riff. Stopping by the mirror, she rubbed off the smog and gazed at her reflection. Her moist lips looked redder than ever as she clumsily tied her damp black hair into a bun. Being an Indian her exotic local beauty was what caught the tourists eyes apart from the breathtaking Himalayan mountains near Kaluk, a remote town nestled in Gangtok, India, a land rich with ancient history , myths and tales of love and the art of love making.

Ibha's bronzed skin shimmered as she drew in a deep breath and stepped out of the dingy bathroom. The sun was yet to rise, but Ibha as always was the early bird to wake up and finish all her chores. Walking past her siblings who were snuggled in bed on the floor, she stopped by the congested kitchen and bent to check on the kettle of boiling tea that she had kept earlier.

"Nido, Kiyah! Wake up, you've got school today," She shouted from the kitchen as she removed the kettle and placed another vessel on the stove. Pouring two hot cups of cinnamon tea, she gently walked towards her blind and ailing father who was sitting by the window.

"Good morning papa!" She whispered and kissed his cheek before offering him tea.

"Good morning Ibha, aren't you running a bit late today?" Her father spoke softly as he blew air over the hot cup of tea.

Ibha shifted her gaze towards the sun as it rose between the mountains and cast its golden rays over her tiny cottage. "Don't worry papa, I've brought all the supplies already. I've just got to get these two ready for school and leave for the villa," she assured him with a pat on the head and called out to her brother Nido & kid sister, Kiyah.

No sooner she heard them complaining and turning in bed, she smiled and rushed to get dressed for the long week in the Walker's villa. Ibha, after completing her studies had taken up the responsibility of taking care of an elderly Aussie couple who had been living there alone for quite some time. Wearing her Baku, a traditional Sikkimese long dress with sleeves to the wrist and an apron draped around the waist with its folds cascading behind, Ibha prepared her siblings' lunchboxes.

"Will you be coming back?" Kiyah enquired sleepily as she struggled to brush her hair. "Not today dear, but I'll surely drop by in a day or two to check on father and don't worry I've told Mrs. Lohia to cook for you all till I return," Ibha replied and shoved the lunchboxes in their school bags.

"Do you have to go?" Kiyah sulked.

Ibha smiled and pulled the brush from her, "You see me go there every week, besides I do come and stay over the weekends with you all, right?," Ibha explained and brushed Kiyah's hair while Nido hurriedly gorged on his breakfast.

"Can't grandpa and Grandma come live with us? I and Nido will sleep with you in the kitchen and let them sleep with papa," Kiya innocently suggested and made her laugh.

"Not possible, Kiyah. Who will look after the huge estate then? Now finish up your breakfast before your school bus arrives," she giggled and rushed to pick up her backpack and a basket of fresh supplies for the Walker couple.

Ibha had taken over as the official caretaker of the Walker couple after her father fell ill and lost his sight. Coming from a poor background, Ibha was the only bread earner of the family. Having lost her mother in a landslide five years ago and the unfortunate sickness that took away her father's sight, her siblings Nido who was thirteen & Kiyah who was five, were left with only Ibha to look up to.

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