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The cool air calms my thoughts. I focus on the trees blurring past me, not on the burning my thighs. Just a year ago, I was myself. Now I feel foreign in my own body. "Katelyn," Jason croaks, "Wait up, please." I slow down to catch my breath.

"What?" I respond. There's an edge to my voice. I swear I will never stop fighting.

"You're amazing," his tone softens, "Everything you've been through. Everything you are." He reaches out to place his hand on my arm. I can feel him in my bones, tiny vibrations pulsing through my body. He leans closer, until his face is parallel to mine. "Only if you want to." I want too.

He melts into me. His lips caress mine with such gentleness that it's surprising. One energy. One body. He is my comfort, the stability that was taken away. Then, I wake from my trance.

"I'm sorry. I can't."

"You can. We can fix this messed up world. Just us," Jason says. His voice resonates with me. I must fight. "Maybe."

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