"Let me go Tom." I demand. His cool hand grips tighter on my wrist and he looks menacingly at me. "How can I let you go? Don't you understand what you mean to me?" He growls. "What do you want from?" She whispers. "I don't want anything from you, I only want you." He says pushing me against the walls.

______________________________________________________________________________ Tom Black is one of the world's most famous and renowned multi-billionaire, he is young, hot, great-looking, sexy, cold-hearted, cruel, ruthless, and most of all a womanizer.

Liz Martins is the daughter of another famous billionaire Alexander Martins. She beautiful, extremely sexy, and beyond hot, is cold, heartless, and has walls stacked up so high just because of her prior boyfriend cheating on her.

When two paths collide one falls in love but the other stays strong and tries to run away. But will Tom be willing to let Liz run away? Will Liz let Tom finally break her walls? What happends between these two is history...

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