Chapter 1: New York City...

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"This is as good as it gets.. New York City." Laurens yelled while battling over noisy cars and people talking, he gazed at New York's sky line and admired all the buildings which stood with almost as much pride as Alex had.  John grabbed Alexander by the waist and waved his hand in the sky showing  Alex the city, whispering "New York City." As if he couldn't see that for himself. Unfortunately, Hamilton fell into an anxious state of mind, cursing himself at the childishness of it all. He started to panic but took deep breathes to calm himself after all he had everything he needed.

"Burr? Wait? Ah oh yeah he's in that meeting." Alex felt a flow of relief through his body and sighed out. 'The greatest city in the world' The words flooded Alexanders head, he loved New York he loved the cars, buildings, opportunities and the history behind it all.

BEEPPPP.. Sorry- a car had almost ran everyone over, but I mean- erm- welcome to New York... ha ha ha...

*Time skip cos magic fish.*

As the boys were all exploring the nooks and crannies of NYC, Alexander  asked Lafayette ( who was now formally know as stranger patrol cos he's tall ) to get the boys to hold his hand because he was anxious about almost being ran over, again.

And so, Lafayette 'the mom of the group' made everyone hold hands with Alex, who speaking of was wedged between John and Herc.

"Ugh why are we even doing this.." Herc spoke up as he flushed tomato red from holding Laf's hand for so long and turned his head so Lafayette wouldn't see his face. John began to laugh at his reaction.

"Well according to caption Bullsh*t we all gotta' hold hands or we'll get run over and die." He groaned but a slight smirk played on his lips as he thought. "Herc, what do you call Alex on ice?"  There was a long silence before he did something about it. "Slipping grades." John kept a brave face, but almost immediately broke into laughter with Hercules, and like the beautiful, childish people that they were decided to high five behind Laf's back.

Hercules tried hard not to retaliate but ended up snorting and boom, he was set off. Gasping for air he tried to look at John. The poor boy. Lauren's was no other than cry- laughing on a bench over something that wasn't even nearly funny.  Struggling for air, Hercules almost composes himself. Until he realised John was actually choking, making him go off again.  Supposedly this was the norm, overreacting and 'Dad Jokes' happen to be their thing.

Lafayette saw the situation and felt blood heat, as he knew what could happen to Alex if it continued. "What the fuck? I'll happily drag you by the ears and God knows I will because I've done it before. I'll have you know Alex is just-" Lafayette withered on, scolding the boys while placing his hand on his hip. Still holding Alexander's hand with no shame. I repeat no shame.

Alexander turned pink with embarrassment, Lafayette yelled at them for what seems like hours on how it was cruel especially with Alexander's story. Which almost stopped John laughing completely. Lafayette began his last statement of the matter. John just sat on the bench, still choking.

"Alex is simply nervous to be in a new environment." Lafayette shot a glare at Hercules which could kill a thousand men. On the other hand, John was no longer slouching or choking, and stood up straight, taking hold of Alex's hand still glaring at Laf in an apoplectic way. He swears he heard Laf mumble something.

On that note they all stayed close together, and though there were few moments of laughter trying to be shushed from John and Mulligan, as they were holding hands along the way but-everyone was kept safe.. and not ran over by a car. So I guess it was a win.


While the group were walking out of some tourist attraction, it was getting darker by the hour. The sky turned red as the sun set, but as beautiful as it was the city never sleeps and the night gets wild.  Besides, they had been on their feet all day, as a little treat to their legs Lafayette called a taxi. They went to go pick up Burr.

*Time skip sponsored by the science test on Monday, which I haven't revised for :/*

Laf, John, Herc and Alex were escorted to a shining perl white waiting area as they told the Lady by the counter they were looking for 'Mr. Burr.' The room gleamed lighting white as the floor was oak wood and complimented the room completely, Hercules called that the seats were expensive and so it would be better to stand incase the boys broke any. However if someone say and broke the chair, Lafayette would fake- collapse and then the boys would run.

"You know- If I ever get a house in NYC I want it to look like this.." Hercules drifted off about how much he loved the waiting room while pacing around the place. His attention on the room was rudely interrupted by none other than Alexander Hamilton.

"AARON BURR, SIRRR!" Alexander yelled across the room at Burr, while flapping his arms in the air for attention. Alex did try and run up to Aaron  and thank him, however he got held back by Lafayette.

"ALEXANDER I AM TALKING TO SOMEONE IMPORTANT." Burr exclaimed while gritting his teeth in embarrassment.

"Sorry Burr, sir." Hamilton formally apologised, he began to bitch to Laurens. "You know I do realise I'm wreakless but you see..." Hamilton trailed off to John who had no idea what he was talking about, but he still nodded his head at parts he understood. Well, almost understood seeing as John just tolerates most things. We all love John.

Aaron walked into the room with someone trailing behind him like a puppy. "Everyone meet Thomas Jefferson..."

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