Chapter 32

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Since I haven't been to church in a year, I decided to go, but it was a mistake. I forgot how fake the people are. As soon as I got home, I changed out of my church clothes. My bags were already in the car, so I left. I stopped by my parents house before going to the airport.

"Hey Ma! Hey Daddy!" I said walking into their room.


"Here you go," my mom said handing me a piece of paper. It was the template for the new tattoo I'm getting. It looked good.


"Oh, this too!" she said handing me three birthday cards.

"Thanks. Alright I'm leaving. Make sure Darrell checks on Bailey like he said he would."

"Alright, bye," they said together.

I left their house and went to the airport.


As soon as I got off the plane, I got my luggage and called a cab. When we got to the house, I got out the cab, paid him and went in the house. I threw the bags in my room and walked out of the house. I didn't have time to do anything because I was gonna go surprise Monique. Since she doesn't live that far I just walked. I would normally just walk in but since it was a surprise I knocked.

"Who the fuck could this be," I heard her grumble.

"Watch your fuckin' mouth," I said smiling as the door flung open.

Her eyes watered up instantly and she gave me the tightest hug. She never gets emotional like that when she sees me, so I knew something was wrong.

"What are you doing here?!" she asked pulling me inside. I was getting a very bad vibe as soon as I stepped in her house. I don't know if that's weird or not but that's what I felt.

"I had planned on coming out here for a week for my birthday, but you sounded so upset on the phone so now I'm here for you."

She gave me another tight hug and when she pulled away she wiped her tears.

"Thank you Bri!"

"No problem. You know I'd do anything for you."

"So, do Blake and DJ know you're back?"


"Well I'm bout to go to DJ's house, wanna go surprise them?"


On our way to DJ's house, I noticed Monique was very happy and bouncy.

"Have you been spending a lot of time with Blake and DJ?" I asked.

"Yeah, mainly with DJ. I don't like being at home anymore, so I just chill with him."

•in my head•


"Well that's nice."

We pulled up in his driveway and ran to his front door. I stood on the side so he couldn't see me while Monique knocked.

"Finally, we've been waiting for you," I heard DJ say.

"Sorry. I brought a friend with me if that's okay," Monique said.

"That's cool. Where is she?"

I stepped next to Monique and smiled at him.

"Bri!!" he screamed pulling me into a bone shattering hug.

He dragged me inside and Monique followed. We walked into the living room and I saw Blake and another guy watching tv. I walked up behind Blake and put my arms around his neck.

"Did you miss me?" I whispered in his ear.

He jumped a little, but when he saw me, he pulled me over the couch and hugged me.

"Hell yeah I missed you."

"I told y'all I would be back soon," I said sitting down.

"Oh Briana, this is my brother Cory," DJ said introducing us.

"Hi! Nice to meet you," I said.

"Nice to finally meet you," he said.

"What do you mean?"

"These three never stop talking about you."

I looked at them and they looked away. I laughed at them and shook my head.

"So what are you doing here?" DJ asked sitting next to Monique.

"My birthday is Wednesday and I wanted spend a week out here."

"So what are you gonna do?" he asked.

"I don't even know, but I know I want y'all to be there with me. I think I wanna go get shitfaced like a normal 21 year old."

They all laughed, "well how about we take you out to dinner first?" Blake asked putting his arm around me.

"Okay. Should we wait til Saturday or is Wednesday good?" I asked.

"Wednesday's fine!" Monique blurted.

"Yeah, that's fine," they agreed slowly.

"Wait, I'm supposed to be hangin' out with Cory that day," DJ said.

"Do you wanna come with us Cory?" I asked looking in his direction.


"Cool," I said laying my head on Blake's shoulder.

I looked over at DJ who had his arm around Monique. They were talking and laughing like nobody else was in the room. They're cute.

"What's with them?" I whispered to Blake.

"I don't know, they became pretty close. They spend a lot of time together. Sometimes she even stays here when she doesn't wanna go home."

I'm glad she found confidant in DJ, but I didn't know things were that bad.


We spent hours talking and laughing. By the time we finished it was midnight and Monique was asleep with her head on DJ's on chest. DJ was sleeping with his head tilted back and somehow Cory ended up on the floor. I laughed silently at them.

"They are knocked out," I said standing up, "will you take me home?" I asked.


He grabbed his keys and we quietly left. When we got to my house, he insisted on walking me to the door.

"I really did miss you, ya know. I'm glad you're back," he said taking my hands into his.

"Yeah right. You probably had some girl around to keep you busy and when I leave, you'll find yourself a lil girlfriend and forget all about me," I said with a slight smile.

He pulled me closer to him and kissed my forehead, "that will never happen; I could never forget you."

I wrapped my arms around his torso and gave him a long hug. I pulled away, but he grabbed my hand and pulled me back into him. He bent down to kiss me and it was the slowest, most passionate kiss I have ever experienced. We pulled away and my knees buckled causing him to chuckle lightly.

"I'll see you later," he said.


I went in the house, went straight to my room and threw myself on the bed.

Damn, I missed him.

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