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Justin Timberlake - Not A Bad Thing

This is pretty much the theme song of this story. I can't hear it without thinking of this story. I feel it describes the 2 main characters a lot.  

Everyone has the past that defines who they are, whether it's good or bad. Not everyone knows how to takes their past and make it better. Some don't know how to deal with what they've been through. We all make what we can from what we got even.

Andy, young, smart, beautiful, and a lot of times heartless. He was betrayed by the last person he expected. He has lost loved ones and been broken hearted from a young age. He took the wrong path after he gave his heart to a girl who took him and broke him into pieces. He lost all faith in finding a person who would love him for who he was and where he came from. He lost his mom to his baby sister, his baby sister to his aunt, his dad to alcohol and his heart to a girl. Andy doesn't have a lot anymore, but he does have the friends he's made, the cousin he has that he sees as his brother and his baby sister who's not really a baby anymore and he hates the girl that reminds him so much of that girl who broke his heart.

Danny, she's strong, smart, loyal. She's beautiful but doesn't believe it. She accepts everyone and anyone the way she meets them. She shows her bubbly and happy side to everyone she meets and the people that she loves. She comes from a pretty wealthy side of the town but she doesn't like to show it. She is hard working and loves to earn what she has. She has a dark past and been through a lot. Her parents are never home because they don't want to see her and they blame her for what happened to her.

Andy and Danny whether they want to be around or not they have to. Their first mutual friend was Andy's cousin; Nate. Nate knows everything that has happened to both, he loves them and wants what's best for both.

What happens when Nate asks Andy to hire Danny at the diner he works in?

What happens when Andy sees the side the hard working rich girl has; The one he never noticed?

What happens when Andy starts looking at her a different way and finds her in a vulnerable place that he finds himself wanting to heal her and making everything better even when he's the last person to be offering help when he needs to heal himself first?

And what happens when he makes himself be someone he isn't in order to gain her trust and have her fall for him the way he seems to be feeling when she's around?

I hope you guys will give this new version a chance like you did the old one. Like I wrote in the old version I am planning to edit/deep edit (Pretty much rewrite) Shattered Heart since it's everywhere.

I will be leaving the original up but publishing the new version on here and hopefully, it gets more reads and Is organized because the one posted and completed right now is a mess and I'm disappointed in it even though I like the plot and it's my first story here on wattpad.

I will also try to focus it only Andy's and Danny's P.O.V. But I will add Nate's and Felicity's P.O.V. because I love those two, too, a lot!!!

Their friend's P.O.V. are going to be bonus chapters that I will add whenever I feel they are needed and I don't know what to write for the main character's.

I will hopefully try and write up the new version of this story by the end of May? the beginning of June because I'm currently in school and I am writing 3 other stories, 2 of which I want to end by the end of April or beginning of May.

Look forward to that if you liked the plot of Shattered Heart and want to read the new version. The same people are going to represent the characters. I will add and delete different things from the old version obviously so don't expect the same thing if you have already read the old version. If new readers want to read the old version you are welcome to, that way you can see the improvement and busy yourself while I plan the new one.

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