I'm Sorry Part 3.

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I walked backstage and took a deep breathe. I walked to my changing room and changed into some jeans and shirt getting out of my sweaty clothes. I walked out and saw the girls and guys smiling at me. I smiled at them and walked towards them.

Y/n:"Hey"I said smiling at them. They all smiled back while Hailey nodded making me sigh a little.

Abel:"I knew you were a Stargirl"He said pulling me in a bear hug. I chuckled and hugged back.

Y/n:"Thanks mate"I said. He pulled away and smiled at me. The girls all pulled me into a hug besides Hailey making me frown a little.

Bella:"I can't wait for you new album!!!"She said making me chuckle.

Y/n:"Yeah well you just gotta wait a few more months or maybe less and then the wait will end"I said making them pout even Hailey.

Kendall:"That long?"She asked. I nodded and grabbed a bottle of water.

Y/n:"Yeah, there's still some more I need to work on...maybe more songs or changing the songs...I'll see"I said. They all nodded. I was drinking my water when I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around and choked a little.

There she was. The girl that I fell in love and gave everything to, everything I could possibly give I gave it to her. We weren't from  different worlds so we understood each other a lot. She was the girl of my dreams till she broke me and since then I haven't really been committed to anyone.

Y/n:"Hey Lauren"I said giving her a small smile. Her eyes still managed to make the butterflies in my stomach go crazy.

Lauren:"Hey Y/I/n"She said. I saw everyone look between myself and Lauren waiting for something. I cleared my throat and looked at everyone.

Y/n:"I'm uh helping the girls with their album..."I said. Everyone looked at me shocked while I just shrugged. Lauren broke me. Yes but it's just professional and I'm a hundred percent sure she isn't into me anymore.

Lauren:"Yeah, so I'll see you in the studio"She said. I nodded and gave them all a small smile.

Y/n:"Yeah...bye girls"I said waving at them as the walked away. I turned back and everyone me a "what the fuck look"

Kim:"The fuck"She said. Everyone pointed to her and nodded.

Tyga:"Since when did all of this happen?"He asked. I shrugged and took out my phone to see Freya calling me. I ignored it and put it back in my pocket.

Y/n:"The girl's manager called Kris and she called and told me yesterday. She wasn't so happy about my choice but it's work and I love my work so therefore I said yes and it stays professional"I said.

Khloe:"But Y/n it's Lauren...."She said. I sighed and nodded.

Y/n:"I know. She's the girl who broke me, yeah, yeah, I get it but it's not like I'm gonna go back to her so just relax"I said"Plus I don't have feelings for her anymore"I said.

Hailey:"And what about her?"She asked making all of us look at her in shock.

Y/n:"What about her?"I asked still shocked.

Hailey:"Does she still like you?"She asked disgusted. I sighed and ran my hand through my hair.

Y/n:"I'm pretty sure she doesn't....after all she has been fucking around after we broke up so yeah"I said. They all nodded and cleared their throats. I couldn't help but admire how beautiful Hailey looked today. She always looked beautiful but today was different. She had this kinda attitude to go with. She wore ripped jeans and ripped shirt with a bomber jacket and her attitude made it ten times hotter.

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