I'm Sorry Part 2.

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I stood there looking at the spot where she was standing. I felt completely numb. I heard footsteps but didn't bother turning around. I felt a hand on my shoulder making me push it away.

Kim:"Y/n..."She said. I shook my head and saw my sisters looking at me.

Y/n:"Take Freya home Hanna..."I said walking past them. Everyone followed me inside.


Y/n:"Take her home and let her get some rest"I said sternly making her nod and take Freya out. I sat on the couch and sat back feeling lost. Myself and Hailey weren't dating but I already felt like my heart broke a little.

Bella:"You and Kendall slept together?"She asked. I saw the Gigi and Bella look at me making me sigh and nod. Kendall looked down trying to avoid my eyes.

Y/n:"We were drunk and things escalated quickly and it happened"I said. I saw Kendall wake up and walk outside making me sigh.

Gigi:"So you were Kendall's first?"She asked. I nodded making them nod. I woke up and walked outside to see Kendall sitting on the chair and looking at the stars.

Kendall:"I'm sorry I put you in this position"She said. I looked at her and frowned.

Y/n:"You didn't. We both played a role in this and Kendall don't think that I regretted it cause I didn't. It's just-"

Kendall:"It shouldn't have happened... Yeah I know"She said. I just wanted the world to swallow me up so I didn't have to deal with this. I woke up and walked inside grabbing my keys making everyone look at me.

Kylie:"Where are you going?"She asked. I ignored her walked out and opened my car door.

Kendall:"Y/n!"She yelled following me. I turned and looked at them sighing.

Y/n:"I need time to think Kendall...I just wanna clear my head"I said hoping in my car and driving. I didn't know where I was driving till I noticed it was the pier.

I sat in my car and took a deep breathe thinking about everything that has happened. I liked Kendall. Yes but it faded. I started developing feelings for Hailey and then everything just backfires. I finally started to feel happy again and then it all gets fucked up. I heard my phone ring making me groan.

Y/n"Hello"I said in answering it.

Khloe:"Y/n! God I tried calling for the past ten minutes"She said.

Y/n:"Yeah well I'm fine"I said bluntly. I wasn't in the mood for talking to people right now.

Khloe:"Just be safe please"She said. I sighed and nodded. 

Y/n:"Okay"I said and hung up. I sat there thinking about everything till I couldn't take it anymore. I started my car and drove to her place. I got out of my car and banged on her door"Hailey!"I yelled banging on the door.

I could hear small sobs coming from the other side making me frown. I kept banging on the door waiting for her to open up. I fell on my knees and put my head against the door.

Y/n:"Hailey please..."I said. I heard more sobs making me frown"I'm sorry Hailey. Just let me explain"I said putting my hands on the door.

Hailey:"Just go...."I heard her say. I woke up and and sighed.

Y/n:"Hailey please-"

Hailey:"Just go Y/n...please"She said. I nodded and walked away from the door. I hopped in my car and drove back home wondering how I could screw up something so good.

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