chapter 9

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•[[[[TAYLORS POV]]]]•

"because I get those when I'm around you..." Sarah said quietly.

wait!what? sarah likes me? I thought she hated me.

"are you saying that you like-" I was cut off by her,

"yes, but how can I trust you taylor? you go do whatever you want... it's like you don't care about my feelings sometimes you know?"

"yeah, but trust me, just give me a chance. k?"

"okay, I will trust you."

"good now, what do you want to do?" I asked, I hoped we could go back to her house my sister is really annoying when I bring girls over.

"we could go back to my house! my parents are never home. it gets lonely."

"I'll accompany you, my lady." I said with a smirk.

"yeah, yeah, hot shot. now let's go I'm hungry." she laughed and smiled.

wow. her smile was so beautiful. I really am not going to screw this up.

•[[[[SARAHS POV]]]•

we walked back to my house, hand and hand. I dont really know what we are. but it's better than where we were before.

as we reached my house, I took out my key and unlocked the big glass door. I swung it open, and yelled "welcome to the Willis household!"

Taylor laughed. he was pretty adorable when he laughed.

"cool house you got there." Taylor laughed.

"yeah I guess but it's a little big just for me most of the time"

"yeah, mine too. but at least my sister is around. just kidding, she's annoying." he laughed again, I joined him.

"let's go upstairs, you can see my room." I told him and I grabbed his hand and pulled him up the stairs.

when we reached my room I opened the door, the hinges creeked but it's always done that.

"whoa, cool room" Taylor said as he glanced around the room.

"what?" I laughed, "there's nothing cool about this room!"

"well, you have a lot of posters... Princeton University huh?"

"yeah, my parents went there, both of them. they want me to go to." I sighed and plopped down on my bed.

"it doesn't sound like you want to go there by the way you said it." Taylor said as he sat down next to me.

"No I do, I want to be a communications major."

"I'm not going to get into a college, I'm too stupid."

I couldn't argue with that, Taylor wasn't that sharpest knife in the drawer.

"you have your vine fame you know. " I said as I laid down on his chest.

"yeah, but it doesn't last forever. and I don't really make money off that."

he said as he played with my hair.


"yeah, but it doesn't last forever. and I don't really make money off that." I said, I started to play with Sarahs hair. I wish I could just freeze in this moment, forever. my thoughts were interrupted when Sarah snapped me out of my thoughts by kissing me on the cheek. I blushed a little, and I kissed her forehead and held her in my arms. "you know, sarah," I said softly.

"mhmm" she said, with her eyes closed.

"you're beautiful." I told her, and I meant it.

"nobody has ever told me that." she said, and sounded serious.

"are you kidding?" I asked.

"no." she sighed. "nobody has ever really loved me, my parents are never home. everyone just didn't seem to like me. my only friend has been jack for so long. I've always been an outsider. you know? I used to be I so much pain about it, I thought I never belonged. really. my parents didn't care to notice my scars, and anything. they would come in the house say hi and go out. I can't remember that last time they said 'I love you' to me... and that's why I used to cut..." her voice trailed off and she started to cry.

"shhhh,shhhh your okay, beautiful. your okay now. I'm with with you here." I whispered to her as I embraced her into a hug. " I love you sarah"

"I love you too Taylor. " she said, her tears started to clear up.

•[[[[SARAHS POV]]]]•

"I love you too Taylor." I said, but was that deal did I really love him? I felt like I did, he was there for me. he chased me down, literally.

"you seem tired." Taylor said

"yeah, kinda" I sighed, I was really tired though.

"you want to go to sleep?" he asked and looked me in the eye.

"yeah, but don't leave me. okay?" I said, I wanted him next to me. badly.

"anything for you, sarah." he said in a gentle, relaxing tone. he then kissed me on lips softly.

I cuddled up next to him, and rested my head on his chest. I heard his heart beat, it calmed me. I felt so safe. this was really the best feeling in my life... taylor is more than that, isn't he?

okay this chapter is a lot longer. lol:) it took awhile to write ahaha,


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