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"Yuki, you shouldn't fall asleep here, you might catch a cold" Kaname said softly to his fiance Yuki who laid on the red love seat in one of the many rooms of the Kuran mansion.  As much as he would love to watch his adoring Yuki sleep through the day in her dreams, it would not do to do so on a love seat and not in bed. Yuki stirred, her eyes slowly opening to look at Kaname's. "Hello there sleeping beauty," he said smiling, his thin, cold fingers stroking her cheek. How lovely this year has been for the two of them.

"Kaname," she said lifting herself up, she felt herself being raised slightly into Kaname's arms. She looked around the room with squinted eyes, she started to wonder why she came in this room. The last she felt was this pull, a pull to "something" in particular.

"Yuki, we should go to bed now," he said whispering in her ear. He then became curious "Why were you here in this old room anyway? There are other rooms closer to our room" he said looking around the dusty old room. He himself has never really wondered into this room, has he? The room felt cold, old, and almost like a missing memory to Kaname, like he forgot something in here. His eyes scanned the room, spider webs casting shadows on the walls from the one candle Yuki had lit. Kaname felt a tightening on his soul, yes, something was definitely missing, but what?

"Kaname, what is that?" Yuki said tiredly looking at a sheet covering from what she could only guess to be a portrait that laid on the floor. Yuki felt as though she needed to know what was behind the white sheet, she needed to know what had drawn her to this room, and she felt and knew that it had something to do what was behind the sheet.

Kaname felt a chill run down his spine as he turned around to see what Yuki took notice in. The sheet brought fear into Kaname for some odd reason. Yuki and Kaname looked at each other neither knowing what was behind the sheet, why did this unknown object make them feel so on edge, like the world they have gotten so used to would shift within minutes. Kaname reached out his hand slowly, both wanting and not to know what was hiding. His fingers touched the cold cloth, his hand gripping the sheet as he ripped it off of the frame to reveal the hidden object.

Fear and loss was the first thing that was in Kaname's and Yuki's eyes, then finally confusion. The Portrait showed an image of the Kuran family, Juri Kuran in a chair with 5-year-old Yuki in her lap smiling innocently Haruka, and Kaname standing next to her on her left side and to her right stood Rido Kuran with Senri Shiki at the age of 5 standing with him. Though the one person they felt more confused and scared about, was the little girl that was held in Rido's arms.

"What the hell?" Toga Yagari whispered harshly as he looked at the portrait that sat on the floor. At the moment there are vampire hunters within the Kuran Mansion, Toga Yagari, Zero Kiryu, Kaito Takamiya and Cross Kaien. When the two purebloods saw the portrait they quickly called the chairman and told him to come to the estate as quickly as possible, even calling Senri Shiki hoping to find some answers.

"Who is that?",asked Senri looking at the little girl who was in the arms of Rido Kuran, both smiling.

"We were hoping you would know", Kaname said holding Yuki close to him.

"Senri, are you Okay?" Asked Cross looking down at him. Senri found himself on the floor, and in that moment he knew what he saw, were images from his own past.

"So you're saying that she is your sister?" Zero said, not believing what he was hearing.

"Half sister, most likely, if she was part of the Shiki clan, she would be here with us today," Senri said sitting in a chair placing his head in his hands.

Zero looked over at the portrait looking closely at the six-year-old's eyes, a chill went down his spine and back up again as he slowly started to see the woman from his past. "I know that gaze anywhere", he said making everyone in the room look up at him.

"She is the daughter of Shizuka Hio," Zero said, with that everyone tensed up and looked slowly over to the little girl being held by her father.

"But didn't Shizuka and Rido hate each other?" Kaito asked looking over at Cross.

"Yes, well they did, but it was never reported that they did or did not have a child," he said looking at the child in the portrait. "But if she is, then we should be careful, both her parents are dead and both have a troublesome record. She can be harmless or lethal, we should cross our fingers that she is harmless".

"I don't care what she is, harmless or lethal, the question is, 'is she still alive?" Yagari said glaring at Cross.

"I'm actually more concerned of how Kaname doesn't know about her, this is a family portrait of the Kuran's and in the portrait, your the age of 13, shouldn't you know who she is?" Zero asked looking hard at Kaname Kuran.

"If I did I would not have called you all here," Kaname said, not being affected by Zero's stare. "Though I think I know where she might be," he said looking at the little girl.

"Well then, where?" Kaito asked crossing his arms, getting annoyed.

"Well seeing as how close she seems to be with Rido, she might be at Rido's mansion," he said looking at the hunters.

"It's possible she would be there," Yuki said looking at the portrait.

"What makes you so sure she will be there? Yagari asked looking at the two purebloods "Shiki was never close to Rido and he was his son".

"Yes, but if she is Shizuka's daughter then she would be a pureblood, Rido always thought that purebloods were more superior" Kaname replied back.

"Not only that but, look at them, look how Rido is smiling," Yuki said looking over at her uncle on the canvas.

"I have known Rido for a long time and I never once saw him smile like that" Kaname said looking over at Rido and his warm smile. It was hard for all of them to see Rido have a soft spot, let alone a soft smile.

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