Chapter 1

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Hermione sucked in a breath. This is it. The first time in her life she didn't have to worry about the school year, or anyone dying, Voldemort coming back, Harry getting hurt. She could finally let her guard down, be herself, focus on her studies.

Hermione sighed. This is it. She felt a masculine arm wrap around her shoulders and looked up. She smiled leaning into Ron, giving him a peck on the cheek. She turned to see Harry. Smiling and laughing with Ginny. They made their way to the train, not a care in the world.

Finally being regular teenagers.


He saw them.

Draco Lucius Malfoy, actually felt envy.
Not the friendship he was envious of, but the fucking ginger wrapping an arm around Granger.

Bloody hell, Draco felt his chest tighten. That fucking Veela trait was kicking in and he felt the urge to rip Weasley to shreds.

His foot took a step on its own accord. He felt a soft but firm hand grip his shoulder and pull him slightly back. Draco turned his head to see his mother with a concerned look.

"Let it be," she said. He nodded, turning back to the golden trio.
This year, Granger will be his.


This is kind of short but I guess it's more like a prologue. It's a veela fanfiction (Draco veela, hermione is his mate). Hope you guys enjoy this one!

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