~Imagine 4~

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- Please.. Don't..
I couldn't say anything more before Kyle
(my soon to be ex-boyfriend) hit me right over my face. I fell down to the ground bleeding from my nose and mouth.
- Why did you do that? I said crying.
- Because you deserved it, Kyle said as he hit me again. Then he ran away.

I couldn't do anything. I couldn't move,
I couldn't speak, I was helpless.
Until I saw him outside my house. I knew that face from everywhere. It was Leo.

- Y/N omg!? What happened?, he screamed as he ran up to me.
- It was Kyle, I whispered because I couldn't speak. It hurts to much.
- Omg, I'm calling 911!

Leondre's POV:

I was on my way to Charlie's house when I heard someone scream. I knew that voice.
It was Y/N. I saw her lying inside her house on the floor with the front door open.
It was blood everywhere.

- Y/N omg?! What happened?, I screamed as I ran up to her.
- It was Kyle, she whispered. I could hear the pain in her voice.
- Omg, I'm calling 911!

When they came I could go in the ambulance with her.


Your POV:

I could hear voices but I couldn't open my eyes.
It still hurts. I could hear someone crying beside me, someone also held my hand.
But I couldn't see who it was.

Leondre's POV:

I want her to wake up. I can't loose her.
I now know. When I'm this close to loose her.
I finally know that I love her. I always have but I haven't realised it until now.
I haft to say it to her. But what if she doesn't wake up?
I haft to tell her now.

- Um, Y/N? I don't know if you can hear me now but I really need you to wake up. You are my oldest friend. I need you. I can't loose you. Not now. Not ever.

Tears start streaming down my eyes.

- Please Y/N. Please wake up. I need you, I can't love without you. You promised that we would always be together! Always! Wake up!
I screamed. Then I whispered/said it:
I.. I'm I love with you.

Your POV:

I could finally open my eyes. When I did I saw Leo sitting with his hands in mine and looking at the floor, crying.

- I.. I'm in love with you., he whispered.

Wait what!? Did he just say that? The guy that I've had a crush on for years was In love with me.

- I love you too, I said/whispered.

When he heard me he looked up, confused.
But when he saw that I was awake a big smile grew on his face. His eyes were red after the crying but he still was so cute.

- Y/N!, he screamed.
- I'm awake, I said with a smile on my face.
- How much did you hear?, he asked.
- Enough to do this.
I said as I kissed him.

Leondre's POV:

- Enough to do this. She said and kissed me.
I was confused at first but then I kissed back.
I could feel her smile into the kiss.
Our lips moved in sync then she pulled away.

- Do you want to be my princess?, I asked.
- Of course. She said and kissed me again.

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