Trish's P.O.V

It's been about a week and a half since we brought Aqua back from the hospital. The doctors said there was nothing more they could do to try and improve her condition, so obviously we took her home. Mum had a guest room prepared for her, but Jake wouldn't have it. He carried her to his room the day she was discharged. He cleared his bed, and laid her there. This was a Jake I've never seen before. You could see how much he cared for the girl. I missed Aqua too. Her sheepish smile when she did something childish, her uncertainty, her...just all in all, I missed her company. The doctors did not give us the length of time it would take Aqua to come out of her coma, but, they did however attach her to several machines and heart monitors. She had so many tubes coming in and out of her. It was scary. A doctor comes in every three days to see if she's improving. So far, there hasn't been much improvement, but the good news is that at least her condition is stable.

Jake's condition on the other hand is deteriorating. He has bags under his eyes. He does not eat, he does not sleep. The only time he ever leaves his chair is to take a shower. He sits there brooding over her, day in, day out. He speaks to her, sometimes about pointless things such as the weather, sometimes about his feelings. Lately he's been angry. I think he's lost hope, you see, my brother gives up easily, especially on things which matter the most to him.

I tried to convince him to go to school, but it hasn't worked. He nearly fought me off just for trying.

Today is Tuesday. On Friday, schools end. Both my parents have been flying in and out, due to business trips. They are deeply concerned for Jakes health.

Its nearly 3am, I was going down for a midnight snack when I hear Jakes voice. I open the door to his room, and I see him, watching over Aqua, with so much love that it breaks my heart. He continues talking to her.

"The weather was nice today Aqua, I would have loved to go out, but of course I couldn't just leave you here...what if you needed me? If you were feeling better, I would have taken you to the beach. We could have sat by the rocks and watched the ocean...if you didn't feel like walking, I would have carried you of course..." Jake said to Aqua. He was talking as if she could hear him, and maybe she could.

Why is he doing this to himself? Doesn't he see that when its time to let go, he won't be able to pull through?

All this time, I've been trying to push myself further and further away, so that ultimately, if anything should happen to Aqua, saying goodbye won't be that difficult. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying I've lost faith, it's just's hard ok? Its hard for me to walk in here everyday and watch my baby brother waste away his life. There's a dark cloud hanging over him. He doesn't talk to anyone, not me, not mom, not dad. He only talks to Aqua. I can't even comfort him because he won't confide in anyone. He pretends to be strong, but I know that inside he's tearing apart.

"Aqua, I have to be strong, for the both of us, so that when you come out of this, you can be strong for us too..." Jake says. I don't think that he's even aware that I'm standing by the door.

"You have such lovely hair Aqua, you know, it's the first thing I noticed about you when I saw you for the first time..."


3years ago

Jake's P.O.V.

Today was the first day of our semester. We were all doing our first year of high school. Everyone knew each other from elementary school, apart from a couple of new faces.

I was headed for first period Bio. It was my first class of the year, but I wasn't that excited. I had already met all the students and teachers the day before, for registration.

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