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Just me the writer talking about why I decided to write a Supercorp fic... I can't tell you whether this will be incredibly boring or inspiring so see for yourself.

Right off the bat I saw the chemistry between Kara and Lena. And I am amazed by how many parallels the Supergirl writers have incorporated, echoing Clarke/Superman and Lois Lane scenes to Kara/Supergirl and Lena Luthor moments together. There are too many similarities that don't make them merely coincidences. But it isn't only that. I love female heroes, anti-heroes etc. and I fully believe that there should be more lesbian/bisexual women representation in that aspect of media. It's important that media outlets give young people role models that they can relate to and not just stick to normalized heterosexual relationships, ESPECIALLY unhealthy ones. Starting the show Supergirl, I expected it to be female-centric and very empowering, which it was for a while, but then it kind of just became a blur. The show is supposed to be about Kara and balancing her life as she is also Supergirl... that's why the freaking show is called Supergirl. She doesn't exist to forgive some guy for his mistakes over and over or to be there to 'fix' him. Kara and Supergirl are more than that.

Anyway, with that being said, I know Kara isn't perfect. She is still very young, so am I. This story will be based around her, her family, and her true friends. Is this a love story? Yes. But Kara/ Supergirl's identity is what drives it. Lena Luthor has so far shown that she has good intentions and teaches Kara how to stand up for what she believes in. Time and time again, Kara has trusted in Lena and vise versa--against all odds. Therefore, I really want to play with that whole dynamic. Lena will have her own story intertwined with Kara's and yet it will always be through Kara's pov. Kara is like the ocean and Lena; the sand. In the actual tv show, Kara and who she is is very lost in her relationship with mon-el. It is no longer about two people in a mutual respect and understanding but more so about mon-el as an individual. In my story, I intend to warp those circumstances. Kara will be put in this difficult situation where she has to step back and really take a look at her life; her connections with those around her and how it is affecting her alien self who is still in the learning process of life on Earth. Lena and her sister, Alex, will be a big part of that process. Along with the un-ignorable input from the outside world. What Kara/ Supergirl will be ultimately faced with are foreign influences.

A lot of what she tries to cope with is how she can be there for the girl she loves, be there for her family/friends, be there for herself, AND the fate of the universe.

Last reason I want to write this: I FREAKNG LOVE KATIE MCGR ASJS

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