On Mode Part 3

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So Jaime somehow convinced the Reach that Bart staying with him was a good idea. He said that he would get Bart to trust him, and then get him to spill about why he was here. They agreed that it was a good plan. Jaime was currently walking back to his room, where a certain speedster lay.

As soon as he opened the door, he didn't see Bart under the bed. He began to panick. Where was he? He frantically pulled off the blanket and realized that Bart was still asleep, snuggled tight into the blanket. Jaime slowly gave the blanket back, not wanting to wake him up. He found himself staring at the young boy in front of him.

He realized that drool was beginning too fall out of Bart's mouth and he lightly brushed it away. Bart started mumbling something in he sleep. He blushed at how cute Bart was being.

He listened closer and he heard Bart say, "chicken whizzies?"

Chicken Whizzies appear to be the favorite food of the Bart.

Jaime nodded and stepped out his room, asking one of the random Reach servants for a packet of the food. He decided it would be pleasing to give to Bart. He then slowly handcuffed Bart to the end of the bed, not wanting to take any chances of escape.

Jaime let out a small yawn and realized that he was beginning to get tired. In all honestly, he got barely five hours of sleep each night. But that was okay, since his Scarab kept him alert and not tired, at all. Although, every once in a while, he just needed a long nap. He instructed his Scarab to take off his armor, revealing his true flesh. He pulled off his shirt before climbing in bed next to the speedster.


After a couple of hours, Bart began to stir. The first thing he did was attempt to rub his eyes, but something prevented him from doing so.

Bart looked and saw, handcuffs? He then realized that he was in a pretty nice bed. He turned and saw, a random dude? He put two and two together and realize that he was Jaime Reyes, or Blue Beetle.

He continued to stare at his face. Jaime was just so handsome. He couldn't seem to pull his eyes away. He slightly blushed when he realized that Jaime wasn't wearing a shirt.

Agh, but what were these thoughts? He had come here for one reason, to get intel to destroy Blue Beetle. Yes. Destroy as in kill. Bart didn't want to, but he knew that it was too late for Jaime to change.

These gay thoughts were not helping him at all! He groaned in frustration at fucked problems. He covered his mouth when he realized how loud he had been.

Jaime started to stir; suddenly, his eyes shot open. He stared at Bart.

It was as if time had stopped for both boys, and only themselves were clear. Bart marveled in awe at Jaime's beautiful chocolate brown eyes. He had no idea that someone could ever be that gorgeous.

Jaime looked away and grumbled as Bart rubbed his head.

"Um, what am I doing here? I mean, this place is totally crash and all, but why? Cause just a second ago we are like 'eee, kill each other', and now we are like-"

Jaime growled in frustration. "You need to shut up sometimes ese."

Bart gave him a lopsided smile. Why was he smiling, even he himself didn't know. Jaime softly blushed at his cute face and looked away.

"I have no idea why I want you here, meat. But let it be known that as of now, you belong to me. And only me. You have one rule, always do what I command. Understand?"

Bart slowly nodded his head. It's not like he was in a position to refuse. Plus, this sounded way better compared to torture and stuff.

He was lost in thought when he suddenly sneezed. Oh god, this was embarrassing.

And he sneezed again.

And again.

He groaned and rubbed his nose. Jaime looked down at him with a warm expression.

"You must have caught a cold. I had forgotten how weak you meat could sometimes be," said Jaime.

"Hey! I am not weak! It's perfectly natural to catch a cold," said Bart, fuming. Jaime chuckled and gently rubbed Bart's head, causing Bart to blush. Jaime smirked at how adorable the young speedster was.

"Oh, I got these for you," said Jaime. He got up and grabbed a pack of Chicken Whizzies from off his desk and tossed them to Bart. Bart gently caught them and started to get super excited.

"Crash! Crash! Crash! How do you even know that I like Chicken Whizzies?"

"You were mumbling them in your sleep," said Jaime. Bart smiled and opened them up. He began to noisily eat them.

"Want one?"

Jaime shook his head "no" as Bart shrugged. Jaime continued to stare at Bart as he was eating. He couldn't help himself, he just wanted to kiss Bart so bad.

"What? Is there crumbs on my face?" asked Bart.

Jaime leaned in closer. "You know, you are mine. I can command you to do whatever I want," he whispered in Bart's ear, seductively. Bart's eyes went wide as he tried to run, but the handcuffs prevented him. He then tried to vibrate, with no luck.

"You can't escape me," said Jaime with a smug grin on his face. He leaned in closer and began to plant butterfly kisses on Bart's neck.

"Jaime...mmmm...please stop," said
Bart. Jaime smirked and was about to kiss him, but someone knocked on the door. He sighed before ruffling Bart's hair and walking out.

"What is it? I was busy," snarled Jaime.

"The Reach are questioning your loyalties. Do they lie with us, or that 'Bart' boy?" asked the female Reach scientist, with a serious expression.

"You know I would never betray the Reach. Bart is just someone to fool around with," said Jaime. He knew in his heart that that wasn't true. In the short time he had been with Bart, he had fallen in love. "If you have nothing else to say to me, goodbye."

Jaime rudely shut the door and turned back to Bart. "Now, where were we?"

He walked up to Bart and noticed his eyes began to water, as a tear slipped down his cheek. Jaime felt his heart break at this. Why did it hurt so much?

Jaime slowly caressed Bart's face and bent down, eye level with him. "What's wrong?"

Bart sniffled and wiped his tear. "Nothing," he said, with a fake smile.

Jaime glared at him. "I order you to tell me, or I will continue off our last torture session."

Bart shuddered at the thought. "Fine. I-I came here to kill you. Not, not fall in love with you."

Jaime proceeded Bart's sentence. He felt the same way! He smiled at brought Bart's lips closer to his. He slowly closed the gasp and kissed Bart. It all happened so quick.

He felt completely different! He no longer felt like he had to obey the Reach! He no longer felt the Reach's command inside him.

"Oh my god, Bart! I, I am in control of my own body again. It's been so long!" Tears fell down Jaime's face when he realized he was finally free.

Bart smiled at him. "Really? That's so crash!"

"Thank you so much," whispered Jaime. Bart slowly grabbed his chin and pulled him down for another kiss.

Neither boy cared anymore about anything. All they cared about was each other. As long as they were together, the universe would always remain bright.


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