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Jacks pov:
I fluttered my eyes open and realized I wasn't in my hotel room. Mark was sprawled on top of me snoring. It felt nice, skin to skin. Wearing absolutely nothing. I happily sighed, taking in Mark's sent.
I looked at the clock on the nightstand beside me. 2:46am. Singe is probably pissed that I'm not in the room- if she's still awake.

I finally decided to get out of bed, slightly wincing at the pain that Mark had given me last night. I picked up my clothes off the ground and put them on. Before I left, I walked over to Mark and kissed his forhead. Smiling softly while running my fingers through his raven hair.
"I love you, Mark." I whispered, taking one last look at him and closing the door.

Walking down the hallway to my hotel room, I smiled. Realizing how amazing Mark made me feel. All of a sudden, I got really giddy like a school girl and ran down the hall screaming
God that felt awesome. I inhaled and exhaled deeply and continued smiling like an idiot.

When I opened the door my smile fell. Yet I got excited. I no longer needed to break up with Singe- she was already cheating. What a relief. But I still needed to act surprised. I rolled my eyes and exhaled.



"Yeah, shit. The fuck you doing?"
The guy she was with was already bolted out the door, and she was just staring at me.

"Sean, I'm sorry... you weren't here and-"

"And you're a slut."

"Don't say that."

"Don't think I don't know about that guy that two nights ago. I was gone for twenty minutes. It only takes fifteen."

"Okay, so I slept with two guys in two nights- oh... that sounds bad..."
I gave her a dumbfounded look.

"Look, Sean, I'm sorry"

"Sorry won't cut it. I was going to propose to you!"

I pulled the black velvet box from the pocket on my sweatshirt. I never opened it, because it was the ring for my Markimoo. 

"You know what Singe? I don't want to marry a cheater."
And I turned to leave the room.

"Sean wait I-"

I slammed the door before she finished the sentence. I teared up a little. I mean even though I was going to break up with her, being cheated on still felt like shit. I did the only thing I could do. I went to Mark.

Mark's pov:
I woke up to the sound of my door being knocked. I groaned and rubbed my eyes. Getting out of bed, I put on a pair on boxers that were on the floor and lazily walked over to open the door. Jacks face appeared, looking pissed.

"Jack? What's wrong?" I asked in a raspy voice.

"Can I come in?"
I opened the door letting him in before closing it again.

"Mark, when I went back to my room.... I saw Singe... a-and she wasn't alone..."

"Wait, she was cheating?"

"Two guys in two nights..."

"Oh, Jack I'm so sorry..."
I engulfed him in my arms and rubbed his hair with my hand.

"It's okay Marky... at least it's easier to break up with her..."

"Wait, why were you gonna break up with her? I thought that last night was just a one time thing, and we were just going to stay friends."

"No, Mark. That was defiantly not a one time thing. I only want it to be a part of what we have together. I love you Mark."
He raised his head and landed a soft kiss on my lips.

"I love you too Sean..."

"Now come on! We have PAX today! Go get in the shower!"
I grabbed a towel before walking in the bathroom.

"What about you?"
I hollered from the bathroom.
He giggled.

"I may or may not join you."

I smiled and shook my head.
My god, Sean, I love you.

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