Chapter 3

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Chapter 3

“Let’s stop soon, I’ve got to pee!”  Trixie said loudly as the group drove down the deserted country road.  Alexia grimaced.

“Trixie, there’s a gas station in a few miles.  We’ll be there pretty soon.”  She said, feeling a headache coming on.  They had only been in the van for about an hour, yet it already felt like an eternity for Alexia.

“Good.  I really have to pee!”  Alexia sighed, if they stopped to pee every hour they’d never get to Washington!

Alexia’s headache grew slowly worse, which wasn’t good since she was the one driving.  She had an idea of what it was, but she was hoping that she was wrong.  If she was right, then she had to pull over soon.  She had a feeling that another one of her visions was about to happen.  If she passed while driving, she would wreck them.  She normally passed out during the visions, so it might be an issue.

She kept her eyes peeled for a shoulder of the road large enough to get the van completely out of the road.  After a few minutes, she finally spotted one.  Pulling the van to the right and onto the shoulder, she parked.  She turned the vehicle off, and noticed that it was now silent.  She felt a hand softly touch her shoulder, so she turned to look at Cheater.

“Alexia, are you ok?”  He asked, looking at her closely.  Alexia sighed, rubbing her temples softly.

“Not really, no.”  She said quietly, her head pounding with the beat of her heart.  Cheater leaned across her, pushing the button on the side of her seat to lean it back.

“Here, just relax for a minute until it lets up.  Any better yet?”  He asked, taking off his jacket and propping her head up with it.  Normally, Alexia would smile and thank him, but she couldn’t due to the pain in her head.  He smiled gently at her instead, while his emotions were still being read through her pain-induced state.  He was immensely worried about her, which touched her.  She did feel bad about worrying him though, and it would only get worse in a second.  Alexia slowly closed her eyes, resting.

“Just as the pain was becoming unbearable, Alexia’s eyes shot open.  She knew what was coming next.  The rainbow of light and swirls that would carry her well into her vision.  Not long after she thought that, the colors started to appear before her.  Like before, they swirled beautifully, blending together as she fell into darkness.


When the darkness faded away, Alexia looked around quickly.  She knew that the visions didn’t last very long, so she had to see every detail that she could before it ended.  Her head whipped around quickly, taking in every detail that she could.  She was in a forest with tall green trees, within sight of the road.  She had a clear view of herself, and all the kids she had come to know as friends, surrounded by Dillenwater and his goons.  Her anger flared; knowing that they were going to be captured again killed her, but she wasn’t about to give up.  Instead, she tried to acquire as many details of the scene as possible before she had to listen to words.

There was an abundance of flowers in the woods, so Alexia guessed that it was spring time.  She also noticed that Dillenwater had fifteen muscled men with him, making a circle around her and her friends.  She wondered why no one was fighting back. The stood calmly around the circle, their backs to each other as they faced their enemies.  Sure they were outnumbered by beefy guys with tranquilizer guns, but they had powers!  Surely they could take out fifteen guys!

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