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Trevor's POV

I feel a tap on my shoulder. Then someone whispering for me to wake up. I start to stir awake when rub my eyes and open them. In front of me are my Dad's smiling at me with the car door open. I smiled back at them.

I got out and saw this amazing house in front of me. It was a three story house. It looked amazing on the outside I couldn't help but smile. I feel so happy and grateful.

"Let's go inside Trevor."Calum said while walking beside me and Ashton next to him there hand intertwined together.

He opened the door and they showed me around. Their was an elevator and stairs which was awesome. It was next to the entrance. Their was a kitchen, Dining room next to it. On the other side two guest rooms on the first floor. Which to me was cool. On the second floor their was only two rooms and one was really big . Which is probably my parents room. I told them I'll wait to see my room. They just nodded.

Their was signs on each door that read studio,art room ,movie theater room and video game room on the third floor. When I saw it I just felt overwhelmed and put my head down. I walked into the Art room. Their was black canvas and different art supplies. Their was even books on different art forms.

"Are you okay?"Ashton asked me after a few minutes of silence.

I nodded then looked up at my Dad's.I cleared my throat and finally spoke.

"C..Can I have a moment to myself in here. And can I ..."I let out a breath I had been holding."Can I use one of the canvas?"I asked in a whisper scared they'd say no.

"Listen this art room is yours Trevor. As you can see no one has ever touched it. We made it knowing that we would want someone special that was creative in art. So yes we will let you have a moment. Also don't hesitate to go in any room. This is your home now. Well except the guest room because their guest rooms."Calum said the last part with a giggle.

As he told me this I started to cry happy tears and Ashton was side hugging me. I love my parents so much. And I know they'd never hurt me. They are kind and loving.

"Thank you. I love you Dad. I love you too Dad 2."I said looking at Ashton after I said it. He had wiped my tears.

"It's OK if you call me Dad 2. It reminds me of Alice in Wonderlands Thing One Thing Two."Ashton said smiling at me the Calum.

As they left and closed the door I put on my headphones. I grabbed a midsize canvas and grabbed some metallic pencils. Put my playlist to shuffle and started to draw. I love to draw because it helps me calm down and most of all express myself. Plus their is no wrong way to do it unless you want to draw something perfectly which I think takes away from the fun and creative things you can do with it.

Authors Note

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