Chapter 17

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Carter's POV~

"Well hello there Carter." Ethan greets me with a strange look, leaning against the doorframe.

"Hey Ethan." I laugh. This kid's funny. "Where's Grayson at?"

"Oh you know he j-"

"I'm here." A panting Grayson literally shoves Ethan out the way so I can see his face. He's all sweaty... and he's shirtless. Holy crap. Has he been working out? Well with a body like that, of course he does.

"How rude." Ethan flips Grayson off before leaving.

Grayson rolls his eyes and then looks at me and smiles.

"Oh uh sorry about this-" He waves his hand over his sweaty body. Nothing to be sorry about, Grayson. "But come on in."

"Were you working out?" I ask him.

"Yeah. I'm just gonna go have a quick shower now." He's still smiling so adorably.

I place my hand on his cheek.

"Are you alright Carter?" Grayson laughs softly.

"Perfect." My voice whispers out.

He leans in and kisses me briefly. He sure loves to tease.

"I'll just go to the living room and chill with Ethan." I move away from him.

"Don't have too much fun with my brother." He jokes.

"Whatever. Hurry up Grayson." I laugh before leaving him standing there in the hallway.

"So you decided to join me." Ethan's playful voice says.

I sit on the couch opposite to him as I always do.

"Grayson's having a shower, so I thought I'd keep company." I answer back.

Ethan looks up from his phone and smiles at me.

"What?" I ask all confused.

"The fun Grayson's slowly coming out to play again. I think it's because of you, Carter." Something that he's told me the first time without that teasing tone.

"Well... good to know." Ethan's comment makes me smile.

"ANYWHO! Let's have some fun now."


Me and Ethan are... lying side by side on the floor. I have no idea how we've ended up like this, so don't even ask.

"What are you guys doing?" I sit up to see Grayson shaking his wet hair with a towel. Damn, he looks good. Then again, when does he not?

"Having fun. Something that you lack bro." Ethan stands up, patting Grayson's chest. He winks at me before leaving the room.

"My brother... He's weird. I'm sorry about him." Grayson says curtly.

I stand up and walk over to Grayson.

"If anything, you're the weird one Grayson." I laugh.

He looks slightly uncomfortable at my words. Not offended, but uncomfortable.

I cup his face in my hands.

"Ethan's 'normal'. 'Normal' is boring. You being 'weird' means that I always have something new to look forward to and experience. It's not a bad thing." I explain to him softly. He's just like a big baby, how cute.

"I know." He tells me gently. "Your words just took me back to a place that I don't want to think of." He purses his lips together


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