(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 18

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“You have something about your voice. Something different, something unique. You’re like the girl next door, from a different part of the world. You’re young and interesting; your fans will swallow you whole with the amount of excitement and joy your voice will bring to them. They’ll be curious who this wonderful, inspiring new talent is.” Tears form in my eyes, and I try helplessly to blink them away. His smile is infectious, and I begin to smile too. “I’m yet to hear you sing live, but I’d bet my whole career that you’re the best thing we’ve had since Katy Perry.”

I can’t refrain myself from jumping up and down excitedly like a two year old. “Thank you so much!”

“You’re very welcome, now,” He sits down again, pointing behind me. “Let’s hear you sing.”

As I turn around Mike hands me a microphone and I happily take it as I make my way towards its stand. My eyes connect with Jason’s, and sadness overwhelms over me as I remember our promise.

(Age 11)

“What are we going to do if we aren’t in the same class next year?” I ask Jason sadly.

“Don’t worry,” He tickles me slightly from behind. “We’ll be in the same homeroom. They couldn’t possibly try to separate us.”

“I can’t wait until we show everyone what we can do,” Jason laughs, and I scold him. “I’m not joking! One day the world will hear our voices, and they’ll know we’re amazing.”

“I bet the school would regret splitting us then.”

It’s silent for a while as he continues to push me on the swing. I catch sight of our parents exiting the house with packed bags, their laughter and happiness making me smile again.

“Sometimes I wish we lived here instead,” Jason says quietly. The swing falls to a stop and he makes his way in front of me, his face wondering. “I bet it’d be more fun. No other kids, just the country-side and the lake.”

I look out over the lake, watching as the birds fly low above it and the bushes surrounding rustle and move, the air a little chilly.

“I’d miss our friends,” I think of Savannah especially, frowning.

“She could visit,” He smiles slightly. “All the time. Everyone could.”

The thought lingers as his parents call for us.

“Promise me something,” Jason says quickly, grabbing my hand and pulling me off the swing.

I smile, squeezing his hand. “Anything.”

His eyes stay connected to mine, excitement within them. “When we’re older we’ll move out here. After we finish school and when everyone grows up and leaves us, we won’t forget each other. We’ll be together, just you and me, out here in the house.”

“I promise.”

He stares at me intently, before I pull him towards the vehicles. Before I can get into my parent’s car however, he pulls me back around, a bright smile on his face. He pecks me gently on the lips before whispering, “I promise, too.”


I almost sob as the memory overwhelms me, but I control myself. I can’t do this now, not when the world’s waiting for me. Not when the world is waiting for us.

“Do you have a song prepared?” Denis’s voice pulls me from my thoughts, and I feel a small tear roll down my cheek. I discreetly rub it away.

“O-of course,” I refocus myself and think of my plan. “But there’s a problem…”

Denis frowns, crossing his arms. “What’s that?”

My eyes meet Jason’s again, and I force a smile onto my face as I wink. “It’s a duet.”

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