(My Brothers Bestfriend) Looks Can Be Deceiving 18

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“He’s creepy,” I whisper to Ella.

“But he’s cute, so that’s okay.” She winks.

Ryan leads us back down the same hallway he’d come out from. We pass many doors before he finally stops in front of the very end one. He turns to face us as he rubs his hands together. “Right, so this is Denis’s office. Usually the auditions are held in the studio or the conference room, but since you’re our only one today we’ve decided to just have it in here.”

“Sure,” I nod along to his words, listening but not really caring. As rude as it sounds, now that I’ve passed the nervous stage, all I want to do is sing for these people!

“Denis should already be accompanied with Mike, the President of Universal here.” He knocks on the door and after what seems like only two seconds it opens.

“What’s up?” A man in his twenties leans casually against the door frame.

“I’ve got your girl here, Dad.” Ryan answers, nodding at me.

“Hi,” I smile at the man who immediately stands straight. After giving me a curious look he throws his hand out for me to shake.

“Hey Alicia, I’m Mike.” Letting go of my hand he smiles, stepping backwards and allowing enough room for me to pass. “I’m not sure the office is big enough, but we’ll squeeze.”

The first thing I notice about the room is that it is definitely big enough; it’s huge! The second thing I notice is an older, coloured man sitting in a big black computer chair behind a desk. He smiles warmly, motioning to the long red corner couch that’s spread along two walls of the office. I take a seat, and so do the rest of my family. I notice Mike and Ryan standing by the door before my attention returns to the man who begins speaking.

“I’m Denis,” The man says and I recognise his voice from our phone call. He stands up, his hands behind his back. “It’s nice to meet you all, especially you Alicia.” He looks at me. “Could I ask you to stand, as well as your parents and your manager?”

“Of course,” I stand up and look behind me towards my parents and Jake, waiting for them to join me by my side.

“I must say, and believe me when I do,” Denis begins. “That when I noticed you on Channel 3, I was blown away.”

My friends and family all cheer happily, clapping in agreement. Denis smiles before continuing.

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