9. Meeting the Family

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               A startled shout woke me up, causing an instant smile to reach my lips as I sat up in bed, glancing over at the waking-up Louis. He met my gaze with a smirk as the rest of the guys woke up and began shouting as well, letting out strings of curse words while I suffocated my laughter. Well, tried to, at least. Jumping up from my bed, I looked at Niall on the top bunk who was freaking out with chocolate syrup splattered all over his bed sheets and body, as well as whipped-cream boobs.

                My laughter finally escaped as I glanced around at all of the disgusted and angry boys, seeing them drenched in whipped cream, honey, and chocolate sauce (I was even able to convince Louis to let me throw in some sparkles for good measure). Once they all realized that Louis nor myself were having the same issue as them, all eyes snapped to us as I shied closer to Louis. First Zayn hopped down from the bed, looking at me accusingly as the guys got up from their sticky beds as well, gathering around us.

                "You two did this," Zayn said, trying to sound angry — but I knew by the amused gleam in all of the boy's eyes, they were trying not to laugh.

                "It was Louis!"

                "Then how come there's glitter?"

                "I... Um..."

                Scared, I ran past them and into the lounge, trying to keep them from attacking me. I heard their laughter and following footsteps as I jumped behind the couch, trying desperately not to be seen by all four condiment-covered boys.

                "We can get her later," Harry dismissed. "But we need a plan for revenge on those two. Who's in?"

                "I am," Liam agreed. "I smell... fattening. Like America."

                I suffocated a giggle as Niall added, "Yeah, but this food is awesome."

                After they discussed the shower arrangements, the boys shuffled out of the lounge and towards the bathroom, waiting for their turns to get clean. Slowly, I got out from behind the couch and tip-toed back to the bunks to find Louis wiping his finger on Harrys arm, gathering whipped cream, and licking it.

                I rolled my eyes, but smiled. "Louis, can I talk to you for a moment in private? We have some... things, we need to discuss."

                Nodding, he mock-saluted me as he followed me into the lounge. "What's up?"

                "They're planning revenge," I hissed in a hushed-tone.



                "Do you know what they're planning?"

                "No, but we need to make sure we're listening carefully when we're around them," I told Louis, getting serious about the matter. "I'm afraid we just started a prank war."

                "Team Lose?" Louis questioned.

                I made a face, shaking my head. "No, that sounds too much like 'loose', which I don't want to do."

                He nodded, agreeing. "You're right. How about team Carrots?"

                I grinned, high-fiving my partner in crime as we both took a moment to adore the name. "Team Carrots! We shall win this Prank War."

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