Wolf Job

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Aspen's POV

The wolf was black and intimidating.

At first, I was going to run, but as I made a move to get up, it lifted its lips and growled.

I froze, well I was shaking like a small dog in the middle of winter, but I didn't move.

It slowly approached me, sniffing up my leg.

"L-listen wold, if you are going to eat me, do it quickly!" I squealed in fear. How embarrassing.

Gladly, it ignored me. Well, sort of.

It rammed its nose into my crotch, making me jump backwards whole my eyes turned into marbles.

The beast growled again, towering over me and my precious family jewels. Speaking of beasts, this wolf wasn't a human size. It had to be around five feet in height.

I gulped and closed my eyes, waiting death and pain. Or maybe just pain.

I felt a tug at my pants then a slight draft, making me look down. I turned red when I saw the front of my jeans spilt open, showing my black boxers with hot pink nike signs all over the black fabric.

What can I say, they were on sale and they make my butt look glorious.

The wolf dragged his claws down the front of my boxers, replicating my jeans, also letting mini touch the cold ass spring air.

"What the hell?! Get away from me you horny wolf!" I grumbled. It growled.

Damn this wolf is almost as annoying as Ashton. Come to think of it, exactly as annoying. How odd? Maybe this is his spirit animal.

I suddenly felt a rough tongue glide against my tip and of course, I'm an instant rock.

"G-God damn it." I whispered. As I went to go fix my problem, the wolf growled started licking.

I bit my lip.

So, here I am, getting a blowjob from a fucking wolf when I hear bones crack.

I look down to see the wolf slowly shift into an Ashton.

"Boo." Said the Ashton.

Fainted did the me.

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