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Death at my door (Soul Eater Fan fic)

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Chapter 1.

I sat up and rubbed my eyes. Where was I? Why cant i remember anything? I looked around. I was in a dark room with nothing but a mirror and a closet. The room was empty, I glanced around one last time. The walls where torn up at the corners and claw marks had scarred the door. I got up, walked to the closet and opened it. I screamed as a spider jumped out and landed on my foot. "Ewey! Get off!" I yelled as i kicked the spider away. There was a knock at the door. "Rose? Are you ok?" That voice sounded familliar, it frustrated me, i couldnt remember anything. "Y-Ya..." I stuttered, not knowing if that voice was good or not. Rose. Was that my name? I glanced back at the closet, closed it and walked over to the mirror. A huge scar ran over my eye, my arms where bruised and scratched, and my head was bleeding. My shoulder was stained with the red liquid. "Kid stop it! Im going in!" A voice yelled outside of my door. I looked up to see a girl barge in. She had her dirty blond hair into small pigtails. I stepped back in fear not knowing who this stranger was. "Rose! Your ok!" She exclaimed. I took another step back. Her happy gaze turned to confused then sorrow. "Rose? Whats wrong?" "W-Who are you?" I stammered. Then a guy with black hair with white stripes on one side stepped in. "Makka! I told you not to come in!" He yelled. "Shut up kid!" The girl named Maka said. "What do you mean Rose? Its me Makka." "And Death the kid! Forgetting someone?" The guy exclaimed. "Kid! Not now!" Makka muttered. I didnt know what was going on. I was so scared and confused i ran straight out the door. I ran down a pair of stairs and into a living room. "Rose?" a guy with white hair stammered. I could hear loud footsteps behind me. I ran and ran untill i got to a door. It had a huge window beside it, I looked out of it and there was a wide spread of land. Grass, trees and a feild lied ahead of me. I looked behind me, ran out the door and did not stop. I ran untill i came to a forest. I decided to climb one of the trees and hide there. "Makka! Do you see her?" I heard someone say. Makka. That was the girl from before! "No I dont see her. Maybe Kid will find her from the sky." She replied keeping her voice low. I crouched on the branch and could barely see Makka holding a scythe that was black and red. When they passed I jumped down from the branch and leaned against the tree, out of breath. "Rose!" A voice behind me yelled. Oh Crap. I was to tired to move. I decided to give up on running because my legs ached and my eye started to hurt. I plopped down beside a root and rubbed my eyes. At this point I could hear yelling, my eye hurt so bad I had a headache, and I felt as if i was going to black out. "Blackstar! Makka! I think i found her!" I heard a familliar voice behind me. The Death the Kid person walked up beside me and two people apeared. "Liz, Patty go find Makka or Blackstar." He said. "Tell them I found Rose." Liz and Patty nodded and ran off into the woods. "Its gonna be ok Rose. I promise." Kid promised. I felt woozy. My head was spinning. I touched my scar and realized it was bleeding hard. I looked at the blood on my hand. Liz and Patty came back with a guy with blue hair. "Blackstar! Help me get her up." Kid said, kind of helping me up. Blackstar nodded and helped Kid. Then Makka appeared out of a bush and said, "You found her! Dont worry Rose well get you back and explain everything." Suddenly Makka's scythe turned into the white haired guy from before. "Rose are you ok?!" He asked, running up to me. "Soul, she doesnt know who you are..." Makka mumbled. After that, I blacked out. My blood dripped from my eye and onto my shoulder. Darkness surrounded me and my eyes closed slowly.

(Hope you liked it. I know there arent any paragraphs because really. I dont care.)

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