Chapter 18: He Knows Me Better Than I Do

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Giving Tyler the stink eye as he pulled thirty bucks from his pocket and slid it across the counter to the guy, I stared at his crumpled notes and wondering what on earth he had ordered that could sum up to that much. I guess it made sense if he felt the need to order two shakes.

The guy behind the counter turned to me and I pulled my money out my own pocked and stretched it over the counter but Tyler wrapped his hand over my outstretched one, pushing it back down to the side.

"Don't worry, I've got it."

I frowned and pulled my hand back up but he just gripped my arm more tightly this time and shook his head. My gaze softened when he gave me a small smile and this time I let him push my hand back to my side, trying my hardest to push away the faint flutter in my chest when his hand lingered on mine for that time.

"Take a seat and I'll bring your orders to you kids in a couple of minutes."

Choosing a table close to the window, Tyler flopped down and pushed his hair back from his face. I gingerly sat opposite him and stared out of the window when I felt the weight of his eyes on me. They roamed my face for the longest minute of my life before he eventually propped his head up using the arm he had prodded on the table and followed my lead, gazing outside at deserted parking lot.

True to his word, three minutes later the guy behind the counter waddled over to our table with two plates - one particularly gigantic one and a normal sized one.

Placing the mammoth plate before Tyler, I just stared at the three large hamburgers and the tower of curly fries and felt remorseful that I didn't order the same thing. The three burgers were oozing with sauce, lettuce, cheese and tomatoes, giving off the most mouthwatering scent ever.

When the waiter slid my plate before, my lips twitched with distaste but I wasn't going to complain when I hadn't eaten proper food since breakfast. Eyeing the oozing brown steak in front me, I bit back a groan at the mess of vegetables scattered beside it and looked up at Tyler who had immediately began to stuff his face, taking the largest bite known to man out of his burger, reducing it to almost third it's size.

"You're still as hungry as ever," I commented teasingly, coming to the conclusion that even after all these years watching him eat was not pleasant.

He rolled his eyes and placed the burger down on his plate, wiping mayonnaise off his lips before flashing me a deadpan look; except it didn't have it's intended effect due to the fact that his cheeks were on the brink of exploding.

"Shwut wup!" He retorted with his mouthful, making me cower away with revulsion.

"And yet after all these years you still talk with your mouth full, just like Tay."

His cheeks began to glow with a pinkish tinge as he chewed faster, but once again he didn't bother swallowing before speaking.

"Shwut wup!"

"And there you go again," I chuckled receiving a death glare that fit his face like a second skin.

Chuckling at his reaction, I finally peered down at my food again and frowned at how the chef mixed my vegetables into a towering heap. Immediately I began to separate the tomatoes, parsnips and scallions feeling irritated that they had been cluttered together in such a mess. I guess the chef thought it looked more appetising that way but I despised it when the food on my plate wasn't sectioned away from each other. Feeling my tummy protest in hunger, I began to stab my steak like manic person. I guess with my stomach screeching at me to fill it up, the steak was a bit to stringy and took far too long to cut it up, stuff it into my mouth, chew and swallow it.

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