Chapter 17 | | My Pokémon brings all the nerds to the yard...

Operation: Avoiding Noah Evans has been going really well so far. I managed to stay away from him for about two days, receiving a few glares from him but nothing worth mentioning happened. Tapping with my fingers on the desk, I desperately waited for the bell to ring. I cannot wait for the vacation to start, I really need a timeout. Maybe spending a week with my mom's friend during Spring Break could help me to relax and get my mind off of everything. If I'm lucky, her son might be cute or at least not a complete asshole. As soon as the bell rang, I jumped up from my seat and rushed to my locker. Squeezing my school books into my locker, I heard someone on the other side of the locker door, clearing their throat. I closed the locker and had a perfect view on Jessica's flawlessly styled face. Let the fun begin...

"I told you to stay away from Noah. You saw what happened to Lizzie. Are you sure you want Paula going through the same ?", she smiled evilly. I haven't spoken to him in days. What is her fucking problem ?

"I haven't talked to him in ages. Plus, I already told you that is unconditionally yours and that I could not care less.", her expression did not change in the slightest. As if someone had injected her botox. That irony though...

"So you are telling me that you do not have any feelings for him ? Because if I see anyone of you near either Eddy, Jackson or Noah, I will make your life living hell."

"Stop making such a drama. No, I do not have any feelings for him, okay ? He is just a guy I happened to have a conversation with. I talked to him because I had to do a project with him that is all. Same applies to Eddy and Jackson. Just do me a favour and stop annoying me. You should not concern yourself with things that are as non-existent as your brain.", I said and walked away, surprised what good of a liar I am since she actually seemed to believe it.

Of course what I said was just partly the truth but if I couldn't take the chance of her starting another episode of How to Ruin Sofía Rivera's Life. Entering the cafeteria, I looked around but I could neither find Paula nor Lizzie. My phone buzzed and I looked on the screen to see that I got a message from Lizzie in which she tells me to meet her at the stand on the playing field.

As soon as I spotted her sitting on the stand, I made my way up to her. "What is wrong ? Why are you sitting here and where is Paula ?", I took a seat next to her.

"Paula is uh...ill and Jessica threatened me not to go near any of the boys or she would "make our lives a living hell". Eddy is not talking to me anyways but since I know that they are always hanging out in the cafeteria, I would not want to risk it to be near any of them. That is why I'm sitting here", she explained.

"Oh she threatened you too ? What a ray of a sunshine that girl is today. Lovely as always...", I took a bite from my sandwich. I don't know why we never spend lunch here under the beautiful sky instead of the stuffy cafeteria. Today, the weather was extra nice. The sky appeared in the loveliest shade of blue and not a single cloud was visible.

"What did she say to you ?", Lizzie made me snap out of my thoughts.

"Basically the same she said to you but in addition to that she asked me if I had feelings for Noah.", her facial expression went from a depressing frown to a wide grin.

"Oh really and do you ?"

"You know the answer."

"I do not. So do you like him ?"

"No as in Noah. I told you guys so many times, why wouldn't you just drop it.", Lizzie's grin was still more than present, she shook her head and looked at me as if I was the personification of obliviousness.

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