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Stuff you need to know-

This is the first book in the 'Lost Parts' series. The second is called WILDCARD and is on my profile with like what? Four chapters published? It is still on-going. Every book can be read as a stand alone and the references that will be made are very few and irrelevant for the whole plot. 

plus, thank you for giving this book a shot, hope you enjoy it :)


We all have an invisible world hidden in the depths of our mind. A magic world, a unique one made of dreams and illusions. And then there is reality that pretty much screws all of that up.

There is also a line that separates reality from our own magic world. But what happens when that line is too blurred for one to understand where one's mind stands? Well, one stays safe in his mind, away form others, in his magic little world, since reality is just too painful to face and too complicated to understand.

But eventually, something slaps the person back to the real world, and when that happens, it's normal for people to slowly start seeing things better.

But what happens if you are blinded by secrets and untold stories?

What happens if you yourself are a box full of lies and hidden things? Well, nothing, as long as no one cares about what's inside.

But there's this one person that is dead set on taking a look at the box, and, who knows, this might all turn into a game in which both players are quite lost.

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