Chapter 29 Too Much

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"Well, you will have to ask her yourself. She's her own person and she will do what she decides. All I know is that you guys really hurt her. She thought she had somewhere to go when times got rough and then you guys pushed her away. Things happened since then, just letting you know," I said looking at Allie. Daimon got up, nodded, and walked out without saying another word. I looked at Allie, thinking she was still fake sleeping, but she wasn't. I smiled, laid on the other couch, and closed my eyes.

2 hours later

"Get up Blake, get up, get up, get up," Allie said. I opened my eyes and smiled at her.

"What's going on?" I asked.

"Nothing, I was just lonely," she smiled.

"You woke me up because you were lonely," I pouted and she laughed.

"So, what did Daimon have to say?"

"He wants you to move back in with them."

"Did he even talk to Luca about it?"

"He said that Luca misses you and walks around, going in your room. I think he is ready," I laughed and she shrugged.

"I don't know about that. I mean, I had to sell my cars and stuff. Now, they want me to move back in," she said looking down.

"It's something to think about right? I mean Daimon did come."

"Exactly! Daimon came, not Luca. If Luca was really sad and depressed as he made it out to be. Then he would have come himself but no it was Daimon that came. Blake I went through so much on my own and here I am broken all over again. I'm hurting. I gave up everything to start over and now just when I'm slowly building myself they want me back? Does it ever work that way?"

I sat down and hugged her.

"You're slowly building yourself up yea but you're hurting without them. They are your family. Everyone makes mistakes. It's what they are born to do. Make mistakes and learn from them. They have learned from their mistake Allie. It's time to forgive."

"What if this happens again."

"Then I'll be here with you. Every step of the way. Also don't you think it's time to tell Dr.Amati. You won't get yelled at I promise."

She bit her lip nervously and took a deep breath.

"Okay. fine I'll tell him and I'll talk to Luca and Daimon but only in front of Dr.Amati," She said. I nodded.

"Then I'll call them and set it up for you."

She nodded.

*Allie's P.O.V*

I got ready and put on a pair of shorts, a I'm too sassy shirt, and flats. I pulled my hair into a ponytail. I sat down and sighed.

If Kyle was here.. We would be at.. NO! Stop!!

I need to get away. I picked up my phone. I texted Ricci.

"Allie The meeting is in 35 minutes. Your brothers, Family, and Mace Moretti are on their way. We need to get going."

"I need to text Ricci."


A: Twinny... Ricci... I need you here. I need you right now.

R: What's wrong? I'm here for you.

A: I can't be here. I need to get away. Starting over like this. Isn't helping. I keep thinking of Kyle, our friendship,and what could have been. I need out.

R:How bout we to your brothers about you and them. Get them solved. Then talk to my siblings with you and your brothers. Solve everything then figure that out.

A: Okay. Just.. Hurry.. The meetings in 35 minutes.

R:Don't worry. I'm getting them in the car. Elizabeth is staying home though.

A: Okay. See you at the Office.

R: See you soon twinny.

I got up and grabbed my key card and purse. I walked out and took the elevator down. I got into my lambo. Blake got on his bike. We pulled out and sped down to the office. 10 minutes later. I parked the car. Blake parked his bike. Ethan pulled up in the BMW. Nolan pulled up in the convertible. It looked totally different. I smiled.

"You really did change it up."

"I figured I would. It looks good right?"

"It looks amazing." I smiled.

"Let's go," Blake said. We started walking for the door. Then 2 cars pulled up. Ricci got out of one of the cars and locked the door. I ran and hugged him. He wrapped his arms around me.

"I'm here now. It's going to be okay. I promise. We are going to get this solved," He whispered. He kissed my cheek.

"Come on," He said. We walked inside.

"You must be Allie. Please down the hall to Conference room 1,"the lady said. We walked to room 1. I sat down. Ricci and his siblings on my right. Blake, Nolan and Ethan on my left. Soon my brothers and Mace walked in. They took a seat across from me. Dr.Amati walked in and sat down at the head table seat.

"It's been a while. Right Luca?" Dr.Amati said. My breathing started growing heavy. The door opened. Kyle walked in. My breathing started getting heavy.

"What are you doing here," Ricci said standing up. I held onto his shirt.

"I wanted to talk to Allie," He said.

"Calm down Allie.Take deep breaths" Blake whispered.

"OUT! NOW! She doesn't want to see you! Leave! You lost the right to talk to her when you turned your back on her and betrayed her," Ricci said. Kyle tried to fight back but left. The door closed. I took deep breaths.

"You good," Ricci asked. I nodded.

"Anyway.. Last time all three were in a room together like there was back in college. Mace and I were sitting in the lobby of our dorm. Just hanging out and then Luca walked in and sat down. You told us about your mom and what happened while you were with us in college. Then we made a promise. Do you remember that promise Luca?" Dr.Amati.

"Mat and I kept our promise but you broke yours Luca. Why?" Moretti asked.

"And we don't need a contract or anything to prove you did because you know you broke that promise. What did we all promise Luca?" Dr.Amati asked. No reply. 



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