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Omari was pretty decent—okay, I was being generous

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Omari was pretty decent—okay, I was being generous. He belonged at Arlington High with his skills in basketball. He wanted to join our team but it would take more than just wanting it to be a Bulldog. We'd played two on two and I'd been nice enough to turn Chris down and give him to Omari and let Tremaine play on my team. Even with Chris's help, Omari couldn't keep up, something that had Tremaine talking shit nonstop.

         He wasn't the greatest player, but he seemed like a nice guy.

I looked to Omari, deciding to give him a chance. For Cree. "Good game."

He offered me a smile. "So, you're with Draya," he turned to Chris, "and you?"

Chris slit his eyes. "Single."

Omari looked to Tremaine. "And you?"

"I've got my eyes on someone. I'm going to make it known pretty soon, too," said Tremaine.

This was news.

Omari chuckled. "I'm not sure if I should wish you luck or her."

Tremaine glared at Omari.

Omari rolled his shoulders back, releasing tension. "I've gotta go. Good game, I'll see you guys tomorrow night then."

He walked off the court and got in his car, pulling out and driving away as Tremaine, Chris and I stood watching.

Tremaine shook his head, being the first to speak. "I don't trust him."

"Why?" I asked.

"He's just too squeaky clean to be true." Tremaine looked to me. "And now he's trying to get at Cree."

"I think he's smart enough to realize if he fucks with Cree he's fucking with us," I said.

Tremaine's upper lip curled up. "Whatever, he hurts her, I paralyze him."

I let it go. "So you really like someone?"

He shrugged. "Yep, I hope they come to After Hours tomorrow night." He rubbed his hands together. "Would make sealing the deal so much easier."

Chris chuckled. "Yeah, you 'like' someone all right."

Tremaine waved him off as we all headed to the parking lot. "Nah, this one is different. It's going to take more to land her. I think I'ma have to work for it."

"I guess I'm looking forward to sitting back and enjoying the show," I said.

Tremaine got in his car and Chris got in mine beside me.

"You thinking what I'm thinking about Omari?" he asked me once I was on the road home.

"That he's never played a game of basketball in his life, at least not on an official team?" I replied.

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