Chapter Thirty

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I left the booming house to go meet Rick right where I'd left him.
I joined him on the stairs with a smile.

"Hmm. Why the smile?" he asked me, amused.

"Well, I accept your date."

He smiled, his eyes slightly wide.



"Well," he chuckled, "...I can't hide my joy."

I laughed.

"Joy? Oh cmon, you're exaggerating."

"Hahaha, no I'm not. You're always so tough and stuff. I liked you from the start and I'm happy you accepted a date with me."

"Wow. But like I always say, don't be too happy."

He chuckled.

"If this date goes well, will you accept another one with me?"

"One thing at a time. Let's see how the first goes."

"Okay. How about Wednesday evening??"


He smiled.

Quite unbelievable but I could clearly see the happiness in his eyes. He that all freshmen chicks and even seniors wanted. By just looking at him, I couldn't imagine that he was this good and down to earth guy. From the first day I'd judged him to be a fuck boy. My bad. I was wrong.

"I'll pick you up at eight."

"Okay." I smiled and he smirked in return.


I woke up the next morning in quite a good mood. I hadn't had much drinks the night before. I looked at Yasmin fast asleep by me.

I took a shower and got all dressed. I checked the time and it was eleven. I was so hungry.

I went down to the kitchen and met Megan with another girl named Bridget. They were having breakfast so I joined them.

"Yesterday was great." Megan started. Bridget and I agreed.

"Yup. So far it was one of the best parties I've attended here." I added.


"I saw you have fun yesterday. You're so lucky! Rick Colin took shots on you." Bridget squealed.
Megan turned to her wide eyed.

"What? Serious?? Oh my fucking gosh! Where was I??"

Great. I didn't really want to talk about it and plus I didn't want the girls to think there was something between Rick And I. I knew it could bring trouble. A lot.

"It was nothing. I was drunk." I lied.

"Drunk my ass! You looked as sober as shit when you got home last night." Megan laughed.

"I'm serious."

At that moment, queen bee and her chiwawa came walking in. We three ignored them.

"Good morning, bitches." Bella said, grabbing and apple from the table and taking a bite into it. We ignored her. Brianna laughed.

"Wow. Not only are they stupid but they're deaf too." Brianna added and both witches gave each other high fives.

"Can't y'all just mind your business??" Bridget asked.

"Who spoke to you fathead?" Bella retorted rudely. There I couldn't leave it.

"Bella, you better leave this kitchen cuz we're trying to eat in peace without having to see your fake ass."

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