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[...Chapter One "Kill My Boyfriend"...]



     My boyfriend, Corey, sat across from me, his eyes glued to the screen of his laptop. The movie he watched reflected on his reading glasses, giving me a fair view of it as well. I wasn't interested in the movie, though. I only wanted to watch him.

     His blond hair, swept neatly to the side, looked extremely lustrous from the bright sunlight gleaming in through the glass windows. His eyes sparkled every time a bright scene appeared on his screen; making them look marvelously green.

     "Are you going to stare at me or watch the movie with me?" he asked, his lips stretching into a smile.

     I grinned. "I'm fine with just staring."

     He was undeniably one of the most beautiful guys living on this planet. He had a smile to die for, eyes that could stop time and a voice that could melt chocolate. The feeling of love was addicting, eternal and never ending. At least for me. And it was all strange because when I first started dating him, I wasn't even attracted to any gender. I used to be oblivious to emotions. I was given a mission a year ago, an important job that to my understanding could save my kind. And that job was just a week away from being over.

     I wasn't a normal person - sometimes I didn't consider myself a human at all. My whole birth process was something out of a science fiction movie. I was genetically engineered. The blood that ran through my veins was specially designed to be what it was. Inhuman. But before the process of creating the perfect human being came the idea of it.

     In 1945, after the ending of World War two, we were left with nothing but a new beginning for the future, the future of survival. That was when four scientists came together and created a secret organization called Generations. They grew as time went by, and with their power came knowledge. They eventually figured out how to do things that were once impossible. Their technology had advanced faster than anyone in the world.

     After figuring out how to create the perfect human being, they created an army. A new species they called pubs. They came in all shapes and sizes and all had one thing in common; they were a weapon. Generations was a very powerful and secretive organization. It was ran by the best scientists in the world. They called themselves creationists.

     If people knew about Generations, they would first think it was a place where superheroes were made but it wasn't. There was nothing supernatural about Generations. Only science. The creationists had experimented for years, enhancing human abilities and creating more powerful weapons. For example: I had no fatigue. My body was mutated to withstand all illnesses. I could run for miles without breaking a sweat. My senses were hightened as well. My vision was sharper and I could see things that no other human could. My hearing was unbelievable. My strength inhuman. I was agile like you wouldn't believe. I was the perfect human being.

     It seemed like it came out of a comic book but it was the real thing. There was no spider that bit my wrist, or a chemical that went wrong and made me into a giant green monster, and I certainly did not come from outer space. I was just a guy who was better than a normal person.

     It wasn't easy like some people would believe it to be. There was no injection that automatically made me better at controlling my body. It took years of hard training. Being created wasn't the hard part. It was just like picking your favorite toppings on a pizza. Only that in this case you were picking your favorite human abilities and making them stronger. The hard part was going through the process of becoming something greater than man himself. Pubs had to learn everything from mental strength to physical strength. Normal people didn't realize that their brain was their biggest advantage. You had to feed it, make it stronger, exercise it. Otherwise you'd easily fail at everything. 

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