chapter 7

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(Y/n)'s POV:
I was wearing a (f/c) checkered button up long sleeves and (2nd f/c) tank too inside and blue shorts. I comb my (h/l) hair and but on my converse (sorry I don't like wearing doll shoes ).

I waked to the kitchen I saw that numbuh 1 and wally (how did he escape???)  and kuki was there eating breakfast.
I took an apple and sat down.

"Sup" I said.
"What's with the outfit?" Kuki asked.
"Oh this I'm hanging out with ace today" I said biting on my apple.
"Uh...yeah..."I said awkwardly.

Awkward silence filled the room. Then numbuh 5 came in.

" what's the outfit for (Y/n)?" Numbuh 5 asked.
"I'm gonna hang out with ace" I said biting my apple again.

After I finished my apple I trow it and it shooted to the trash can.
Wally was stunned that I had threw my apple in the trash without standing up.

"Well I better go now bye!" I walked out.
"Have fun with your date!" Kuki yelled.

I smiled and headed to the exit.

Wally's POV:
"Have fun with your date!" Kuki yelled.

I then felt a weird feeling...I feel like mad and sad combined....I think it's jealousy...

Nigel's POV:
I haven't said a word....(Y/n) was so pretty....but she had a date with a guy.

Why do I feel so weird? I had just broke up with Lizzie I swore to myself that I won't fall in love again. Why do I feel so....jealous?

I looked at numbuh 4 he was glaring at the table then frown. What the don't tell me he likes her too!?

I grabbed numbuh 4 and lead him to my room with him.
(Don't worry its not yaoi and never will be)

"Numbuh 4 tell me the truth you like (Y/n) don't you?" I asked him.

He blushed and made his hand to a fist.

"Then you don't mind if I steal her hearth?" I said.
"then you do love her" I calmly said.
"Ugh....fine you win I do like her" he said looking away putting his hands in his hoodie pocket.
"You wanna help me follow her" I asked.

He smirked and looked  at me he.

(Y/n)'s POV:
I was with ace eating ice cream with him.

"So where are we going?" I asked.
"Wanna go to the theater?" He asked.
"Yeah sure" I said.

He held my hand I blushed a little but continued walking with him.
But I feel like someone's looking at me....

Wally's POV:
I saw (Y/n) holding hand with that guy. I had my hand to a fist and was about to run and punch that guy but numbuh 1 stopped me.

"Not now numbuh 4 we can't show oursleves she'll get mad" h said.

I growled but nodded.

(Y/n)'s POV:
I was in the cinema with ace we are watching a horror movie Conjuring 2.

I was a bit scared...(JUMP SCARE!) I hugged ace because of the scare. Well because of that he hugged back I think I heard growling noises...maybe it was just the movie.

Ace's POV
I hugged (Y/n) back. She looks so cute when she's afraid, I'll make her mine she's so perfect.

After the movie was done we walked to the exit. I held her hand it was so soft and warm.

"Where else do you wanna go?" I asked her.
She smiled "I know just the place" she said and we ran.


We are at a Clift and there was an old bench near the end. She in this time held my hand and made me sit on the bench she sat next to me. The sun was setting it was so beautiful.

"(Y/n)" I said putting my hand on her shoulder.
"Yeah?" She looked at me. Her (e/c) eyes was shining because of the setting of the sun it was so cute.
I blushed and looked at the sun.
"I love you" I said.
"I like you too as a friend" she said.
"No (Y/n) I meant was-"
"(Y/N)! LETS GO HOME!" I saw a short kid with blond hair yelled.

She looked at the kid confused.

"Wally? What are you doing here?" She said.
"Wait you know this kid?" I asked.
"Yeah...he's my friend" she said awkwardly.

He pulled (y/n)'s hand. I grab her hand as well I thug her next to me.

"HEY!" 'Wally' said.

(Y/n) pulled her hand back and glared at me wait what?

"Hey you better listen to me he's my friend he just wanted to protect me so I suggest you get lost!" She shouted.

I shattered...she took Wally's hand and walked away.

What did I do??? I stormed of to the bench and cried there ducking my head.

Wally's POV:
(Y/n) took my hand and dragged me. She saw numbuh 1. Numbuh 1 tried to stop me at first but I couldn't stand it so I bursted our cover.

She dragged me to the sidewalk numbuh 1 was following behind.

"Uh...(Y/n) are you ok?". I asked her.

She was silent she only continued walking. She's mad isn't she?

" I'm so sorry (Y/n) I just wanna-"
"Just just shut up wallabee"she said.

I saw her tears come out. Oh no I made her cry...I looked at numbuh 1 he only frowned.

I looked down. I didn't wanna make her cry. Never did I wanna make her cry.

We arrived in the base. When me got to the living room she let go of me and walked away. To her room I guess.

I groaned and walked to the couch numbuh 5 was there. I sat next to her.

"Let me guess you two spyed in her and she got mad when she saw you two" she guessed.

I nodded. I put my hands inside my hoodie pocket and started regretting.

"Don't worry numbuh 4 she just need space that's all" she said.

(Y/n)'s POV:
I was so mean...I shouldn't have yelled or told numbuh 4 to shut up...I feel so bad....

I cried more then I heard a knock then someone came in. I looked at the person and it was numbuh 3 she had a rainbow monkey with her.

"Are you OK (Y/n)?" Then she noticed I was crying. "Oh my (Y/n) what happened?"

I wiped my tears away she sat down next to me. I told her everything that happened she hugged me.

"Don't worry (Y/n) all you need is space and it wasn't your fault you just defended Wally and he'll understand that if not I guess he's stupid." Kuki said and gave me a last hug then left.

I looked at my hands then made them a fist. Kuki's right it wasn't my fault!

I put on my pjs and went to sleep.

There we go another chap done I hope you guys liked it see ya on the next chap and if you have ideas tell me cause I'm running out of it...

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