Crisis : Mumbai, Meri Jaan

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  • Dedicated to the Late Vijay Salaskar

 Hello, everyone.

Yeah, I was wanting to say, I have never been to Mumbai, other than its Airport.

But the 'spirit' of Mumbai, is something well known, as I know a lot of people living/lived there.

And there are a lot references to it, through the story. The most, being in this chapter. 

Hence, this chapter is called - Mumbai, Meri Jaan - after the Bollywood movie.

It means - Mumbai, My Life.

I knew that this was it. This was when we were going to die. I couldn’t help but start crying again, and I could see that Abhay was crying too.

“Beta, kyun ro rahe ho? Rona mat,” the terrorist said.

Why wouldn’t we be crying? He was stopping us from escaping and would probably shoot us at any second.

“Why are you kids crying? Don't cry,” the terrorist repeated, but in English that time- maybe he thought we didn't understand Hindi. He ushered us to a corner, telling other armed men to surround us.

Not only did he have a huge AK47, but he also had a bullet-proof vest, a shield and a helmet. In other words, he was ready for violence.

“What’s wrong with you?” I asked through my sobs. “Why do you want to kill innocent people like this?”

Abhay joined in, saying something similar to the other armed men. “Pagal ho gaye, kya? Kya milega aise maarne mein?” 

"Bete, galat samaj rahe ho! I am the Chief of ATS and these are my teammates!" the man we had run into spoke up.

"No, I think we understand you perfectly well!" Abhay scoffed in reply to his allegation that we’d misunderstood him. "And ATS? What kind of terrorist group is that now? I’ve never heard of it."

"Beta, hum terrorists nahi hain, we are not terrorists. Hum ATS se hain. ATS mane Anti-Terrorist Squad!" he told us. At the disbelieving look on our faces the man pulled out his ID to show us.

Hemant Karkare,

Chief Officer,

Anti Terrorist Squad,


Relief flooded my veins and I knew that there was no possible way that I was going to stop crying now. Abhay took me into his arms and we both wept for all we were worth. We had the ATS to protect us now. I would never be able to explain the weight that was lifted knowing that we weren’t just two kids anymore.

But we still didn’t know who would shoot from where and when- who would die and who would live.


A sudden firing of guns sounded from inside the CST. The officers were instantly on high alert, two of them running towards the entrance to fire their own weapons.

“Gaadi mein bitadey bacchon ko!” Karkare Sir told one of the officers before and ran to the entrance. 

“My name is Arun Jadhav and I'm a constable of the Mumbai ATS. I'll make you comfortable in our vehicle, just like he told me to,” the officer said, and he guided us towards an empty street nearby.

He held his gun ready, able to shoot at any moment, and led us on. The way Abs and I were crying, we couldn’t see more than a couple of feet in front of us. My vision was so blurry, and the streetlights just added to the effect.

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