3. Leaving the village

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Author Notes: I have seen many different fanfiction stories involving a neglected Naruto. Most of them haven't been completed or poorly written. So, I decided to try my hand at it. I strongly advise those whom are faint of heart, hate violence, brutality, and neglect not to read this. I claim no rights or claim to own the Naruto series or its characters as they are owned by Masashi Kishimoto. The only characters I do claim to own are the OCs that I will be using. I also don't claim the other kitsunes or demon foxes that I will be using as they are owned by the various anime series that they are featured in. Please be sure to leave me your comments and reviews telling me what you think.

Key guide: "regular speech", 'thinking to one's self', *telepathic/mental speech*, (author notes), bold-demons/summons speaking, italics-attacks/jutsus/special abilities

Three: leaving the village

Four Anbu arrived outside of the Forest of Death to find a bunch of villagers and fellow ninja whom have been wounded.  These four just happened to be Naruto's own personal guardians.

"That damn demon......."

"Wait till I get my hands on that monster......" The villagers and ninja spat out.  It didn't take long for the four Anbu to realize that they were talking about Naruto.  The Forest of Death was one of the few place that Naruto felt safe.

"Cat......  Weasel.......  Bear......  Take care of these guys.  I'm going to find Naruto." stated dog known as Kakashi Hatake.  The other three Anbu didn't argue as they arrested the people that were still alive.  Some bloody tracks followed Naruto's into the forest as Kakashi knew that the creatures in the forest would take care of them.  Kakashi entered the forest angry with the fourth hokage.  'Sensei, how can you turn a blind eye to your son's suffering?  Both you and Kushina placed this burden on him as you promised Lord Sarutobi that Naruto would be seen as a hero.  You treat both Menma and Nariko better than you treat Naruto.' Kakashi thought to himself.  Once in the forest, Kakashi performed a summoning jutsu calling forth his ninja hounds.

"You summoned us Kakashi?" asked a small pug.

"Yeah Pakun.  I need for you guys to track down and find Naruto.  He may be injured as he had been attacked by the villagers." replied Kakashi.

"Leave it to us." stated Pakun as the ninja hounds scrambled into the forest.

'Please be alright Naruto.' Kakashi prayed.

Meanwhile, Naruto began to stir slowly waking up.  He found himself laying in a den with some foxes.  Surprisingly he didn't hurt as much as he thought he would.  It seemed all of the wounds he had gotten the night before had been fully healed.  This caused a lot of questions to pop up in Naruto's mind.

*I had boosted your own natural healing with my own.* stated Kurama.

"Oh, thanks Kurama.  What happened to the villagers?  You didn't kill them.......  Did you?" Naruto asked.

*No Kit.  But I caused the same damage that they did to you.  So, don't worry......  They won't harm you ever again.*

"Oh......  Thank you Kurama......" Naruto replied.  When he blinked his eyes, he found himself once again standing before Kurama's cage.

"It's no problem Naruto.  Quite frankly out of all my hosts, you surprise me the most.  You don't hate me for being sealed within you or even get mad because I had attacked the village on the day of your birth.  You treat me more like a friend rather than a burden."

"You are not a burden Kurama.  Everyone needs a friend.  Even a mighty creature such as yourself.  Don't you have any friends or family?"

"I have my brothers and sisters but, I haven't seen them since our creator's death.  I have family somewhere out there but I haven't seen them since I have been sealed away." replied Kurama.

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