Chapter Three

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A/N- Before I start Chapter 3, I'm doing this 20 day KOTLC challenge, so if you guys want to, screenshot it an do it as well. I put mine on my Snapchat story, but any sort of social media will work.

'Fitzy, truth or dare?'
I glared at Keefe. He knows I hate it when people call me that.
'Don'tcall me Fitzy.' I saud sternly.
He lut his hands up in mock defeat.
'Truth or dare?' He said again.
'Dare?' I said. 
I had instant regrets. This was Keefe.
That was stupid
Sophie’s voice startled me.
Ugh, I know
Keefe leaned over to me.
'Do you know what Biana's favourite item of makeup?' He whispered.
I gave him a funny look and nodded.
'Go take it and hide it.'
My eyes widened.
'What's the dare?' Biana asked.
I looked at her and shrugged. I stood up to leave the room, and everyone, minus Keefe, was looking at me funny.
'Wonderboy, WHAT IS THE DARE?' Dex yelled.
I knew how much they hated being kept in the dark, but I simply turned my back and went to fulfill the dare.

Several rounds later, it was my turn again. I had watched Sophie get a makeover ( Of course, this was afterI returned Biana's favourite eyeliner), Dex throw a shirt at Alden, and many other similar things. It was Sophie’s turn, and her large brown eyes sparkled with a Keefe like glow that seemed completely unlike her. Golden sparkles around her eyes glittered in the dim light if my room, and she flipped her hair back out of her face, blond curls bouncing around her back. Biana had let her take of the tight fitting corseted dress she had chosen as part of Sophie's dare, but she had been made to keep the makeup on. Her eyes scanned the room, finally landing on me. She held my gaze, and then spoke.
She didn't have to say anything else. I thought for only a second before replying.
I trusted Sophie and made the stupid mistake of believing that she would go easy on me. She grinned.
'Let the games begin.'

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