Chapter 21: Showdown of Gaara vs. Seimei

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Meanwhile, Kankuro and Temari are still struggling to defeat their enemies; Ryugan and Kujaku. Thankfully, Shikamaru and Ino, including Kiba and Choji arrived just in time to save their asses with Shadow Possession and Fang Over Fang techniques, whereas Gaara tries to kill Suiko, using his Sand Barrel jutsu.

"That was very refreshing," the robust man said in relief.

"But how could you break out?" The red-headed ninja asked in confusion.

"It's my armor that absorbs chakra. It feeds on it," he answered as they continued to finish off their fight. He began to swing his giant mace around in a circular fast motion, saying. "If your chakra isn't built up, your sand is no big deal at all. It's only be useful for blinding me at best!" He swung it towards him, but the sand caught its grasp. Though, his armor started to keep swallowing his chakra through the rope of his weapon.

However, Gaara was setting the sand in the gourd aside and began to form his sand underneath his feet, making a tall tower, which drags the enemy upwards.

Elsewhere, the leader of the Four Celestial noticed the three separate battles that was occurring in different areas and Matsuri noticed his teacher facing his opponent. The red-headed ninja held his arm out in the front and clenched his fist, controlling his sand to rotate him in the mid-air calmly.

"Just what I expected from Gaara of the Sand. He's not called the ultimate weapon for nothing..." The leader stated.

"The ultimate... weapon?" Matsuri repeated slowly.

"However, he cannot exceed our Ninja tools forged in the village of the Artisans," he finished explaining as he observes him.

From that moment on, Naruto and Lee finally caught up with Gaara and saw him spinning his enemy around.

"Hey, he's totally got the edge," the blonde-haired said impressively.

"Do we have a chance to return the favor?" Bushy-brows asked.

At that time, Gaara let go of the Suiko, who is currently falling down to the ground with a huge thud. The robust man gets up on his feet and was impressed by his amount of strength and power that the red-headed ninja was wielding.

Somewhere near their distance, the leader decides to pull out his sword and raise up to signal the enemies to create a triangular formation, surrounding Gaara as a way to trap him using the waterways.

"Behold the terror of Ninja tools our village created," he declared as he plunged the sword down beneath the ground, much to everyone else's dismay.

Suddenly, the water dragon charges towards Gaara, thus stumbles him off the sand, leading him all soak and wet.

"Gaara-sensei!" Matsuri cried out behind the leader's back.

"Hehehe. The aim of the Reverse Scale Formation was a single point, Gaara from the start. Our swords accurately pierce a water vein and summon that dragon. The sand has sucked up a large amount of water and has become heavy as a lead. Now, he can no longer use his sand," he finished explaining with amusement.

The sand tower started to collapse onto the ground and the red-headed ninja couldn't move an inch or so. Therefore, the robust man was about to assassinate him with his giant mace to his delight.

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