~Sneak peek~

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[Here's a little preview of what's to come. Hope you enjoy. 😏]

Charlie went completely still the moment she felt the blade of the knife slide across the sensitive skin of her neck. Her heart pounded wildly, adrenaline made her limbs shake, and her mouth went dry.

And She knew. Charlie knew it was him, it had to be.

"What an intelligent girl." He laughed in her ear, "I didn't even have to look myself, you found them for me, bravo, dear."

"How'd you do it, you traitorous cur?" Charlie managed to choke out, disgust rising in her throat, "Why did you do it?"

"Oh, it was never my plan. I had help."

"From whom?" Charlie spat, clenching her fist.

A clear, light laugh turned Charlie's blood to ice. She knew that laugh all too well. And it was then that Charlie realised she had fallen into their trap. She had been so gullible.

"It was I, dear, naïve Charlie."



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