Pete x self harm! reader ((EDITED))

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~Warning swearing and bad spelling, this story contains self harm you are beautiful and worth it!! I love you!! Thanx for the 3k reads 💜💜💜 ~Nightmare

~Your POV~

I felt myself become numb but I wipe off the feeling, in hands and arms dripped in crimson red, my eyes felt heavy and sore but I kept them open... my wrists hurt from the metal sliding across my skin, I hate doing this to myself but... it's my only way out...

But there is one thing keeping me alive... my best friend and crush Pete...

But I know he doesn't like me back

...because I'm not worth it...

I was walking to school with my oversized hoodie to hide my cuts, I wore out jeans and my red converses. I had a feeling something bad will happen today but wipe the feeling away.

As I arrived at school, I looked at the doors and was about to turn walk away, but "(y/n) over here!!" I heard a familiar voice it was Pete...

I walked over, "Hey Pete," I said smiling, he opened the gate to the back of the school for me, I blushed slightly. He sat down in his usual spot and I sat next to him, he grabbed his pack of cigarettes and pulled two out.

He handed me one and lit it, I pressed the paper to my lips and breathed in the chemicals, I breathed out, I feel numb.

"Hey (Y/n)!!" Micheal yelled making me drop my cigarette on my hoodie, the ash started to burn through and without thinking I removed my hoodie revealing my cuts.

"(Y/n)... what are those?(what are those!!!) Pete asked calmly, I eyes started to water, I got up from my spot and ran to my favorite spot.

As I was running I heard the slightest footsteps following me, I arrived at my spot and let all my tears out, I felt arms move around my waist and lifted me up into their lap.

I wrapped my arms around the person and cried into their shoulder, after crying I look up and it was Pete. He grabbed my arms and looked at them for a while...

He put his fingers over the bumpy surface of my arms, he looked up at me and smirked, I gave a confused look. I felt wet soft lips go over my cuts, my face heated up, he looked up again at me and grabbed my chin.

I leaned my face into his and our lips touched, he kissed awhile, and I wish it could last forever. We pulled away, "(y/n) will you be my girlfriend?" He asked I nodded and grabbed his face kissing him again.

"FINALLY!!" I heard a voice scream, he pulled away and faced the person it was Michael, he hid back in the bushes and me and Pete's face is as red as fire...

~Soz if it sux~

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