Friday Morning 8:00AM 

Katrina ...

"Katrina honey, wake up it's time to go to school" Our house keeper Audrey whispered lightly while shaking me, she knew I wasn't a morning person at all.

"Noo" I groaned stretching my arms to the headboard.

"Come on sweethart I know you don't wanna go but you have to" She commanded "Breakfast is on the dining room table come down when you're dressed and ready." with that she left my room and closed the door gently.

I groaned once more and ripped the covers off of my warm body, instantly bringing an unwanted rush of cold air over me. I leaned up and looked down at my california king bed that I longed to stay in forever, then got up and headed to my bathroom.

You would think being this high classed I'd be home schooled but no no. The only part I hate about school is getting up in the mornings and dealing with these bum ass teachers that always got an attitude. Like it's not my fault you chose to be a teacher. Another thing I hate is the snooty ass kids in my school that think they're to good for everyone else, it sickens me. I swear I hate going to school in the suburbs

After using the bathroom, taking a shower, brushing my teeth, and doing my hair I came out and got dressed in a big UCLA hoodie, regular skinny jeans, and my brown uggs. I did not feel like dressing up today especially not a Friday, thank God this is the last day before the weekend. I took a look at myself in the full body mirror admiring my silky smooth caramel complexion, mid back length ombre  hair, curves, and everything else. 

I grabbed my phone off my night stand, threw my charger in my purse, then headed downstairs for breakfast. Audrey had made bacon, pancakes, and eggs. I picked through it and waited on my parents to come downstairs and join me, they'd usually be here before me but I guess they were still getting ready

"Hey Audrey?" I called to her

"Yes?" She answered from the kitchen

"Where are my parents?"

"Oh they headed to work earlier this morning."

"Oh." I replied let down. I dont know why I still get let down it's not a new thing, Audrey basically raised me all these years. But with my mother, Christy, being the founder of MAC cosmetics and my father, Liam, being the CEO of Apple I should understand their usual absences. By the way she's caucasian and he's black, if you were wondering what I was mixed with. Nothing crazy just Black and White. 

I sighed and put my fork down "I'm ready to go to school Audrey."

"Ok hun."


"Ayee mami!" One of my closest guy friends Chino greeted hugging me tightly around the waist. He was 18, the same age as me with suave green eyes, dark brown taper hair cut, and a fairly built body.. I'd say he had a two pack under that blue polo. He was a well brought up Mexican but still acted like he came straight from the hood, I would never understand why. His mother and father were the top Relaters in NY.. they sold my parents our house.

"Wassup" I smiled.

"Look, my boy's having a party later on tonight in Brooklyn you tryna grab Imani and come?"

"Uhh" I chuckled "If I can slip out the house .. you know how my parents are"

"You a senior and still sneakin out the house" He laughed "Ole stuck up ass parents!"

"Hey!" I shouted smacking his arm "Don't act like your parents aren't exactly the same!"

"Yeah, and try not to mention that we're rich and live in the burbs while we at this party, aight" He said seriously "I'm not tryna have these thotties jumpin on me talkin bout 'can we go shopping papi??'" I laughed at him then nodded my head.

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