Kidnapped On my 13th Birthday!<3

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I woke up, dazed. Its my 13th birthdayy!!!

I got up, got a shower & put on a strapless hot pink dress.

I dug through my closet trying to find my favorite Converses.

"Found them.." I mumbled, slipping them on.

I went and sat on my hot pink bed, looking out my window.

I could see the Hollywood sign from up here.

I grabbed my phone and texted Chelsea;My Best Friend.

Jazzy: Heyy Chelsea!

Chelsea: Hey Jazz!

Jazzy: Supp?

Chelsea: Nothin Much Just Talkin 2 Jonathan<3 You?

Jazzy: Just looking out my window :)

Chelsea: Haha awesome!

Jazzy: Do u Know What Today Is?

Chelsea: Nope.

I didnt text her back. She forgot my birthday! >:(

I grabbed my Louis Vuitton purse and ran outside climbing in the limo.

"Where to?" the chauffer asked.

"School" I said, thinking about Issac;My ex.

I would have to talk to him. Today. We have all the same classes together.

It would be impossible not to. We were still friends, but it was diffrent now.

"Ughhhhh!" I said.

"Everything okay, Miss.Jazzy?"

"Im fine, thanks Charlie." I said.

"Welcome" he said.

We pulled up along the sidewalk on 2751 Van Burden Street, Paladin Academy.

Charlie came and opened the door for me.

"Thanks." I muttered, half-heartedly.

I climbed out slowly, for me.

Everyone was staring at me.

My face flushed bright crimison.

School went slow.

It was boringg! :)

No one mentioned my birthday.

That made me mad.

I got a text message from an unknown number. It read 'Come to Chelseas house'.

I got in the limo and instructed Charlie to go to Chelseas house.

"Looks like a party." Charlie mumbled.

"Don't drink please and if you need anything," He emphasized, "You have my cell."


I climbed out.

Chelsea was almost as rich as me, not quite.

I could hear music, but then it went off.

I knocked on the door.


I got impatient and went in.

The room erupted in a loud roar of 'Happy Birthday Jazzy!'

I looked around and saw only a few faces I reconized.

Issac,Chelsea,and of course Jonathan sitting on the couch making out with Chelsea.