Kidnapped On my 13th Birthday!<3

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I woke up, dazed. Its my 13th birthdayy!!!

I got up, got a shower & put on a strapless hot pink dress.

I dug through my closet trying to find my favorite Converses.

"Found them.." I mumbled, slipping them on.

I went and sat on my hot pink bed, looking out my window.

I could see the Hollywood sign from up here.

I grabbed my phone and texted Chelsea;My Best Friend.

Jazzy: Heyy Chelsea!

Chelsea: Hey Jazz!

Jazzy: Supp?

Chelsea: Nothin Much Just Talkin 2 Jonathan<3 You?

Jazzy: Just looking out my window :)

Chelsea: Haha awesome!

Jazzy: Do u Know What Today Is?

Chelsea: Nope.

I didnt text her back. She forgot my birthday! >:(

I grabbed my Louis Vuitton purse and ran outside climbing in the limo.

"Where to?" the chauffer asked.

"School" I said, thinking about Issac;My ex.

I would have to talk to him. Today. We have all the same classes together.

It would be impossible not to. We were still friends, but it was diffrent now.

"Ughhhhh!" I said.

"Everything okay, Miss.Jazzy?"

"Im fine, thanks Charlie." I said.

"Welcome" he said.

We pulled up along the sidewalk on 2751 Van Burden Street, Paladin Academy.

Charlie came and opened the door for me.

"Thanks." I muttered, half-heartedly.

I climbed out slowly, for me.

Everyone was staring at me.

My face flushed bright crimison.

School went slow.

It was boringg! :)

No one mentioned my birthday.

That made me mad.

I got a text message from an unknown number. It read 'Come to Chelseas house'.

I got in the limo and instructed Charlie to go to Chelseas house.

"Looks like a party." Charlie mumbled.

"Don't drink please and if you need anything," He emphasized, "You have my cell."


I climbed out.

Chelsea was almost as rich as me, not quite.

I could hear music, but then it went off.

I knocked on the door.


I got impatient and went in.

The room erupted in a loud roar of 'Happy Birthday Jazzy!'

I looked around and saw only a few faces I reconized.

Issac,Chelsea,and of course Jonathan sitting on the couch making out with Chelsea.

The other people there were older and were probally like 14 or 15.

"Lets play 7 minutes in heaven!" Chelsea yelled.

The hat was passed around it came to me first.

I pulled out a bright red paper heart.

A hot guy with pitch black hair and bright green eyes looked over me and smilled.

"Hello" he said in a deep voice "I'm Jake. You must be Jazzy"

I think I smiled. I was speachless.

He offered me his hand. I took it. His hand was cool.

" guys are so cute!"

"In the bedroom upstairs." Chelsea said.

I was walking up the stairs and I fell. Im so clumsy!

I screamed at myself.

He caught me just before I fell.

Jake picked me up and carried me like a 3 year old.

"Im sorry" I muttered when we walked in.

"Its okay Jazz chill." He sat me on the bed and sat down beside me.

"What do you want to do?" He asked.

"I don't know." I said.

Suddenly he grabbed my face-with his amazingly cool hands-and kissed me very passionately.

"Wow" I said, gasping for breath.

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