Chapter 28

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I got to work as I see Jisoo hugging Taehyung. She seems extremely happy with Taehyung.

I walk up to my office as she greeted me. She handed me the stack of papers she had file. I thanked her as she smile before leaving my office.

Lunch came around and I saw her leaving with Taehyung again. Is she cheating on him happily knowing that he was leaving? Do Taehyung know Jisoo is dating Jin? I didn't want to butt in but I wanted her to tell Jin instead of stalling it.

Work was done as I made my way to my car. She kissed Taehyung goodbye as she made way to her car. I wanted to know why she's hugging and kissing Taehyung when she have Jin.

"Jisoo? Are you cheating on Jin?" I caught up to her as she widen her eyes. I repeated my question only to make her laugh.

"Why are you saying that?" She looked me confused.

"Well I just saw you kissing Taehyung not today but yesterday too." She nodded as she smile. "I don't see why you're happy over that.."

"No you got it all wrong Sowon. I'm dating Taehyung. Taehyung have been my boyfriend for a while now." She said as I furrowed my eyebrows.

"He's what???" I couldn't even get what I wanted to say to come out. "What... what about Jin?" I asked as she smile.

"Me and Jin? We're nothing."

"Nothing?" I was trying to understand every word she was saying. "Are you sure? You cling onto him so much."

"Jin is my cousin. After hearing he got his heart broken I cling onto him so he can't talk to girls until he make up with you." She finally said. "Jin likes you a lot and so do I. When he first came to the state he cried every night. That's when I made the decision to protect him. I wanted him to find a way back to your heart."

"Cousin??.. you and Jin... cousins?!?"

"Yeah I'm his cousin. His first cousins, were nothing more than that."

"Then, this whole situation. I've been misunderstanding it. I thought he was dating you.. I thought...."

"I don't know where you got girlfriend from but I don't remember Jin telling you I'm his girlfriend. He introduced me to you but I don't think he ever added that girlfriend part."

"He tried to talk to me but I didn't let him explain the situation...." I stare at her as she sigh.

"To bad Jin left already." She said. "I really wanted you two to work this out. I really wanted you two to be together."

"Left????? Oh no!" I shouted as I ran as fast I can to my car. Hoping to somehow get a hold of Jin before he leaves.

"Good luck Sowon!" Jisoo shouted.

I got to airport looking for him but it was useless. I couldn't find him and he wasn't answering my calls. I let him slip away from me again. How can I be so stupid not once but twice?

I got to my car feeling regretful. Tears stain my cheeks as I thought about how dumb I was. If only I held onto him longer or if I listened I would've understood and have him here with me.

I didn't want to go home. Going home will only prove that I truly lost Jin. I don't know why I even assume Jisoo was his girlfriend when he clearly said nothing about it. I boldly assumed I was correct and left it like that. Why is everything so wrong?

I pulled my hair over and over again but it doesn't stop the fact that Jin had left. I only feel stupid and mad every time I think about it. I wipe my tears as I know there's nothing else I can do now.

At least he did say goodbye this time. At least I got to see him before he left. He known all along but wished for me to be happy. I love him but I can't even tell him. I sadly made my way home.


I got to work as I saw Jisoo hugging Taehyung again. I smiled at her and went to my office. Jisoo came into my office and looked at me.

"So did you and Jin made up?" She happily said.

"No I couldn't find him. He was already gone." I didn't want to talk about it because I wanted to cry knowing I let him slip away.

"Jin will come back to you. He always do."

"I just hope I could've hold onto him better. It's always my fault he's going away. I'm always the one to push him away. I don't know if he can even forgive me."

"I'm sure Jin understands. He'll come back for you, he loves you so trust him. Trust that he will come back. Then you have to hold onto him tightly okay." I only nodded knowing it'll be a while before I can even see him again.


I got off work and was reminded of my mistake by Jisoo. She was so happy with Taehyung. I could've had that with Jin only if I told him how I felt. If I had told him about my feelings I would've be so sad right now.

I took a long walk at the park to get my mind off things. It never left my mind so I got myself some ice cream to help but nothing worked. I only thought of Jin more and only remembered how much he didn't want to leave but I dragged him away.

I made my way home as I notice the gate was unlock. I walked in only noticing that someone was standing at my door. It didn't took me long to know who that was.

I ran towards him like he was going to leave again. I hugged him as he hold his ground so we wouldn't fall. "I thought you left me." Tears we're streaming down my cheeks as I hug the only man I love.

"How can I ever leave you behind again?" He turned around only to hug me tightly. "My big baby." He brought his hand up to my face and wipe my tears. "Don't cry I'm not leaving you. I never was."

"I'm sorry. It's all my fault it's alwa-" I got cut off when his lips met mines.

He kiss me softly. The kiss to tell me that he loves me and treasures me. He was gentle and treated me like I was fragile and he wanted to take good care of me. I Sowon had fallen for Jin all over again.

"I know. You don't have to say anything. Jisoo told me everything." He smile as he placed a soft kiss on my forehead.

"I love you Jin. I love you so much." I confess as I stare at his smiling face.

"I don't love you anymore." He only pull me away as he sigh.

"Well why not?" I asked. "I'm sorry is that what you wanted to hear? Please don't do this I love you and want to be with you." I hug onto him making sure he won't be able to leave anywhere. "I love you and I won't let you leave ever again."

"I just wanted to hear you say you love me." He smile as he hug me. "I love you Sowon."

I hugged him so tightly, making sure I won't let go of him ever again. I'll love and be with him no matter what. I'll trust and love him. I won't let him leave not now or ever.

Because Jin is...

What matters to me.

-That's it guys!!!!!! How did you guys like it. I'm sorry the ending was so crappy. But I didn't want to continue on with the story and not give them a happy ending because I love Jin and Sowon together so much!!!!!- Thank you guys for reading and being so patient with my update💜💜💜💜💜

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