Deleting the book?

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I am a proud Muslim, a follower of Islam. And it is very well known that homosexuality is not allowed in Islam.
I am not bisexual or homosexual. However, writing gay stories goes against Islam as well. I am sinning myself and making others sin as well by reading it.

I have cried a lot of times because of the achievements I've received. You guys made this story special for me.

I was never this happy in my entire life. Dealing with stress was very hard on my own, but you all helped me so much. Umbrella was truly special to me.
Thank you for making it special.

I feel terrible for not completing this story. But I am so sorry...I can not continue this anymore. I have done enough sins in my life and I hope to control the sins I can.

I am sorry for disappointing all of you. I am sorry for hurting all of you. I don't know what this story meant to you, whether you care or not. I am sorry for wasting your time, I am very sorry and I apologize sincerely. I am not worth being forgiven but I still want ask you to forgive me.

Thank you for all your love, support and cheers. You guys turned my life upside down. You made me so happy that I was surprised myself, I didn't know that I could smile like that...but you made me smile.

I am deleting 'Tomorrow [ChanBaek]' and 'Umbrella [Jikook]' in 2-3 days.

I will continue to write stories. Writing is the only hope I have in my life. But the stories won't be fanfictions. I will write fiction and other genres.
This is a lot to ask for but I hope you can still support me and cheer for me. I don't expect you to support me after this but I still ask you to forgive me.


I am still a writer and will write other stories through this account (non-fan fictions). Please look forward to it!


Sorry once again for this.
Sorry for wasting your time.

-Ri Ah, MMK

Edit: I may complete this story and then delete it. I have unsure feelings about it. But please give me time to think about it. Thank you so much.

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