Chapter 16: It'll Never Be The Same

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Knowing that the title of this chapter is relevant reminds me of my high school years and someone I knew I was closed with suddenly drifts apart from me. Letting go was the hardest decision, yet the best thing that could ever happen to the person. Anyway, please read & review! :)

The following day was a new dawn of bright and morning skies filled with several clouds slowly drifting away in time, whereas birds were chirping like sweet melodies.

Kiba and the others were gathered together on top of the Hokage tower roof, discussing about the task that broke down for the past week.

"Hm. We tried our hardest. At least, we survived from those tough battles we took for ourselves," Choji commented positively.

"You think? Our asses got kicked a lot back there. Just awesome. Maybe, the 5th hokage would've given us the awards of 'the-strongest-shinobi-in-the-country-yet-absolutely-were-a-total-effin-losers' of the year," Kiba said sarcastically in a cheery manner with a fake smile and clapping.

"Hey, come on! Don't dwell on it so much. Choji is right. We did the best thing in our parts. I doubt that Lady Tsunade will resent us," Rock Lee retorted defensively to exaggerate the point.

"He's right," Neji agreed, crossing his arms with his eyes closed and continued. "We just have to be careful with our next move and do some training. This dilemma isn't over yet."

"Hah. No shit, Sherlock," an arrogant voice called out behind them, much to their startle and surprise at the Sand Siblings.

"Wow. You guys are still worked up over that, huh?" Temari said.

"Of course it does," Kiba snorted as Akamaru barked twice and remarked. "By the way, aren't you guys supposed to be leaving for your next mission that you were assigned?"

"Well, we decided to delay it for now because the leaders of our village were still dealing with some problems of finding a new Kazekage. We haven't found anyone at that moment," Kankuro rubbed the back of his head with a sigh in tiredness. "Y'all are lucky enough to have one of the legendary sanins to be your Hokage. Wish we have one like her."

"Plus, she's mostly the best medical ninja that she'll be capable of assisting," Temari stated a point.

"Yeah. I couldn't thank her enough after she successfully managed to do a surgery on me... Oh, by the way, where's Gaara?" Rock Lee asked in curiosity.

Kankuro answered with a smirk while looking up in thought. "He went to go find Sakura to see how she's doing."

"WHAT?! NO!" Lee cried in anime tears in a funny expression.

"Dude, calm down. Don't get the wrong idea," Kankuro shook his head as he rolled his eyes at that.

"He's basically worried about her well-being and they are best friends. We heard that she needs time alone with herself, so she probably needs some space for a little while," Temari said softly with a depressing look.

"Girls at this age are easy to fall in love than boys do. Look what happened to her," Kiba commented nonchalantly as he reflected upon the time where she wouldn't stop crying.

"Are you seriously going to deride her when she's not completely herself-" Lee didn't get to finish his sentence when he got interrupted.

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