Chapter 9: Neji vs. Kidomaru

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The leaf squad were hopping onto every tree branch and Shikamaru felt that Choji's presence is out of consciousness.

"We're getting close!" Kiba said as he and Akamaru kept sniffing the enemies' scent.

"How odd. There hasn't been a single trap so far. Shikamaru, what do you think?" Neji asked while he was on Byakugan mode.

"We're just being underestimated," he answered in a grouchy tone. "They're thinking that the big guy is the only one who would follow them. No one would set traps against their comrades."

"Damn them... For underestimating us!" Naruto cursed out in aggravation.

"That must be an accurate analysis. Certainly, we're being totally underestimated. But this also gives us a chance," Neji stated affirmatively.

"Yeah. Let's get them while they're vulnerable," Shikamaru suggested.

Meanwhile, the Sound Four kept moving forward until they noticed that Jirobo was following along behind them.

"What took you so long?" Sakon asked.

"You fatty. Don't be so slow! Hurry up and carry that coffin. That's your job, you inferior dickhead!" Tayuya sneered.

"Yeah," Jirobo said, much to the three's suspicion about why he's being so obedient today.

Kidomaru began to confront him, saying. "I'm saying that I can't let you carry this coffin, since you're not Jirobo!" He threw the coffin back to Tayuya and Sakon and informed them to go ahead. The impostor threw a kick but Kidomaru stopped him with a grip. "Heh. The real Jirobo always warns Tayuya for her usage of words."

"I see..." Shikamaru revealed himself in a puff of smoke.

"Ninja law: Spider Chain!!" Kidomaru spitted out a big spider web that wrapped Shikamaru's body, slamming onto the tree.

A few of Naruto's Shadow Clones arrived at the scene, ready to attack the enemy. But they were all caught by the spider web, including his teammates.

However, Neji managed to quickly cut Kidomaru's strings, yet he was captured as well. "I'm stuck here. This stickiness... it's made by mixing his chakra with his body." As Kidomaru is about to finish off Naruto, using the spider web blades, Neji frees himself and rescues the rest of the team. "Go... I'll take care of this." He declared, standing before the greatly skilled Kidomaru. "If we don't calculate it, so one person's responsible for getting rid of their own enemy. It's going to be a rough one. That's what we said, right? If you stop here, you won't be able to catch up to Sasuke."

Naruto looked down sadly in thought and said. "You have better eyes than me."

Neji stomped his foot lightly on the tree branch, stating. "Sasuke is currently within the darkness... Now, hurry up and go! I'll catch up with you guys later!"

"Okay," Naruto nodded in agreement.

"Alright! Let's go!!" Shikamaru said.

"Yeah, Choji will definitely catch up to us," Kiba noted with a certain smirk.

Once they hopped out of the scene, Neji watches Kidomaru attack the team more with huge long spider webs behind them and dispatched them as he chopped them off with chakra blades.

"Hehe... Well, it looks like the strongest one of the group is you, huh? Jeez. I just can't seem to hold my playfulness in anymore. If I don't play the game little by little. It'll be a waste. First off, I'll play with you for 3 minutes and kill you," Kidomaru said maliciously as he spitted out more webs to the Hyuga, who immediately dodged them. Though, his body was wrapped up by the spider web against the tree. "You are talented in the use of chakra and you have sharp eyes. From the chakra openings in your hands, you emit a sharp needle-like chakra and cut through the thinniest part of the web-like chakra with amazing precision. I've heard of this from Orochimaru, so this must be your ability. However, once I disable your annoying hands. There won't be any risk of the web being cut." He stepped on the next tree branch, ready to hit him with the next blow he is about to aim.

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