8| everything is okay

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THE last thing Jungkook expected at two fifty-six in the morning was for Jimin to scare the shit out of him. Jungkook wasn't ready for the scream of utter pain to break the silence of the night. His head snapped up from his psychology book and swerved towards Jimin's bed where the elder was gripping his wrist, back arched as if bending would help the pain that resigned in his hand. Jungkook quickly dropped his text book somewhere on the floor and got up, taking the few steps over to Jimin's bed and sitting down beside him. He pushed some of Jimin's hair out of the way to try to get his attention as the elder gasped for air in between screams.

"Jimin! Jimin what's wrong?!" Jungkook said frantically, his hands wrapping around Jimin's injured wrist gently, "Are you okay?!"

Jimin's response just consisted of more screaming and gasps, tears rolling down his blotchy red cheeks. Jungkook's mind went into panic mode as he tried desperately to get Jimin to calm down.

"Hey, hey, it's okay Jimin," He said, his own voice wavering unsurely, "Focus on me, c'mon, good-"

Jungkook smiled softly and pet Jimin's hair with one hand, the other still gently wrapped around the elder's wrist, as Jimin's pained screams turned into high pitched whimpers. Jungkook held eye contact and continued playing with Jimin's hair, "It's okay, I'm here Jimin, you're okay."

Jimin whimpered again, his wrist still killing him, but he felt oddly safe. Jungkook had seemed to dull the pain from his mind, and even though it hurt like a bitch, it still didn't hurt as much.

"Do you want me to get you something?" Jungkook asked, voice low and angelic, making Jimin calm down even more.

Jimin nodded.

"Okay, what is it?"

"P-pain ki-kill-killers." Jimin choked out, "Pl-please?"

"Of course! I'll be right back, don't worry." Jungkook said, standing up and running off to the bathroom. He opened the medicine cabinet with more force than necessary and searched through the bottles of various medications and vitamins, knocking several bottles over until he finally came upon the pain killers. He popped off the lid and poured too many out, putting two under his thumb and sliding the remaining pills back into the bottle. He put the bottle down on the bathroom counter, looking down at the little white pills.

He paused. Jungkook's seen these pills before. He's never used them, he's sure of it. He usually just opens the medicine cabinet for a vitamin or a new toothpaste bottle, but never for pain killers. He looked at the bottle trying to recognize the medicine's name. He frowned when he realized he's never heard of these pain killers. Where had he seen these?

There was another scream coming from the main room that snapped him back into reality. He exited the bathroom and walked over to Jimin in a hurry, grabbing a water bottle on his way. He handed the pills to a crying Jimin, watching as he swallowed them with a drink of water. His whimpering came back. Jungkook sat down next to his head and pulled it gently into his lap and resumed playing with the brunette's hair.

"Th-thanks." Jimin muttered.

"No problem, just what the fuck was that?"

Jungkook didn't get a response. He frowned and looked down, already finding Jimin fast asleep. He sighed and leaned his head back against the wall, fingers still tangled in the elder's hair. He made a mental note to ask Taehyung if he knew anything about what just happened. The weird male may not be an actual doctor yet, but he's better than nothing, and Jungkook didn't want to consult and actual doctor without Jimin's consent.

After all, it could be nothing. It probably is nothing.

"There's nothing to worry about." Jungkook reminded himself, looking down at Jimin, "Everything's okay."

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