#6 He loses you (His POV)

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I watch as (Y/n) is lifted from the ground right beside me. Next they pull up the District 7 Male that I just killed. I was too slow. I couldn't protect her. I lost the love of my life. We were both too young for this. This can't be happening. I can't lose her.

In an angry huff I stomp over to the cornucopia. There's only 2 others left and now that I'm without (Y/n), thanks to the D7M, I am going to end this.

I follow the muddied footprints into the jungle scene. She has to be around here somewhere. The District 11 Female has been hiding since the games begun. After hours of searching I finally find her held up in a tree. It doesn't take me more than a second to end her. One left.

This time, the remaining tribute comes to me. He charges at me with a sword that I manage to dodge. Barely. I continue to block his attempts wth my trident. We continue for a while, matching in strength and skill. I push against him until his back meets a tree. He's got no escape.

"Nice try." I mutter before I impale him wth my trident.

I look around where I stand. Two dead bodies in my path. I walk back out to the cornucopia and try to ignore the blood stains on the grass. (Y/n). I won for her. Now, I just need to take down the Capital.


I tap my foot impatiently on the kitchen floor. Katniss' mother hard at work in the next room. She's trying to save my (Y/n). Hearing her groans of pain she doesn't seem very successful. (Y/n) let's out another pained scream and I ant stay out of that room a second longer.

I burst in to see blood everywhere. She was lashed out in the town square. She was protecting a child who stole bread.

"(Y/n)?" I mutter.

When I brought her in here, she didn't seem so bad. Now she looks pale and sick beyond belief. Usually she has a beautiful tanned glow to her. It's all faded now.

"How is she?" I ask not to anyone specifically just anyone who might know.

Katniss shakes her head slowly, a tear glides down her cheek. I drop to my knees and hold in the scream I want to release.

I put my hand on top of (Y/n)'s this makes her open her eyes tiredly.

"Peeta." She smiles.

"Hey, babe." I breathe for a second. "How are you feeling?"

"Not too great Peeta. It hurts. It really hurts." She looks like she's in so much pain.

"It's okay. It's gonna stop hurting soon. I love you." I try to comfort.

She smiles for a second but just like that she's gone. She left me and I can't feel anything. I walk out of Katniss' house and I don't come back. This is all too much. I can't lose her. If she's gone, I don't want to be here.


The hot water of the shower pulls me out of my daily thoughts and into the deep darker ones. I never thought that I would lose. Not in the games, right now I would've rather lost the games than this. I lost the love of my life. Thanks to the Capital who now adores me, she is gone.

I can't breathe without her near me anymore. It's all too difficult to deal with. I can't stand all the Capital fans cheering for me when I know that they cheered on her death. They're all awful. I don't want their love or admiration. I want hers. I want (Y/n)'s but it's too late for that now.

I wanted my life training when I could've spent more time with her. When we found out that we both had to volunteer this year, it crushed me. I was also prepared to die for (Y/n). I wanted her to be the winner. If only I had the choice.

I turn the shower off and grab a towel before walking into my bedroom. I sit in he bed, it's late getting close to 2:00 in the morning. I look at my nightstand for a second. The framed picture of (Y/n) and I is the only thing that sits there, other than a lamp.

She's smiling at the camera while I'm smiling at her. I can remember this day perfectly. It was Christmas. My parents thought I shouldn't waste a day of training on a silly holiday. Instead, I went to (Y/n)'s house and met her family. They were wonderful people. I could tell where (Y/n) got her kindness that most people didn't show in out district.

I would give anything to go back in that moment with her.


After hours of work, they finally give us a break from being down in the mines. I'm attempting to wash the dirt and grime off my hands when a voice pulls me out of my thoughts. A voice I never though I would hear again.

I snap my head in the direction of the small projection of the games on the wall. A few other men are watching too. I look up and see a tired and beaten (Y/n). She's been at it a while. Down to five or so tributes when I was last watching. She's up against the District One Male and it looks like she's losing energy.

Once he finally has knocked away her weapon and she lays defenseless on the ground. He lets out a laugh before stabbing her through the stomach.

I walk away before I can see too much. I leave the coal mines, not caring to go back to work right now. Nothing matters anymore.

(Y/n) lied. She said she would come back. She said she would come back to but now she's gone. Now I've lost her. I never thought I would lose the love of my life to the Hunger Games. I hoped I could grow old with (Y/n). Now it's too late. And it's all the Capitals fault.

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